Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls 200 Gm
Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls 200 Gm
Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls 200 Gm

Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls 200 Gm

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Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls are also known as camphor balls because that is the main ingredient of the item. Some people call them mothballs as they are very useful in repelling or killing insects. They are spherical and white. Naphthalene Balls are mostly used in bathrooms because they keep the space safe from cockroaches, moths, and silverfish. It is used as a germicide, insecticide, moth repellent, and deodorant.


  • Helps in controlling bad odour in washrooms and toilets.
  • Keeps your bathroom cockroach free.
  • Protects your living room and bathroom from mildew.
  • Comes with a 3-in-1 formula as it protects your house from insects, moths, and pests.
  • Protects your winter and heavy clothes from mites and keeps them smelling fresh.
  • Naphthalene balls are 100% safe and stain-free.


  • Naphthalin
  • Camphor tar
  • White tar


  • Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls fights foul odour in bathrooms and sinks.
  • Excessive cockroaches and moths in urinals, sinks, and washrooms.
  • Bad odour in the house because of moisture and mildew.
  • While packing winter clothes.
  • Use it in bookshelves, cupboards and trunks.

How to Use

  • Wear disposable gloves before touching the naphthalene balls.
  • Just keep 1 to 2 balls in your desired location.
  • Dispose of the gloves once done.
  • Alternatively, you can touch the balls directly with your hands but, make sure to wash the hands properly with soap once done.
  • Put the remaining fresh naphthalene balls in an airtight container to avoid them from sublimation. Do not use the empty container for edibles.

Safety Information

  • Do not inhale the naphthalene balls. If inhaled, go in fresh air immediately.
  • This product is not edible. If swallowed by mistake, drink 2-3 glasses of water and induce vomiting by touching the back of the throat with fingers.
  • Consult a doctor if the situation is out of control.
  • Store them in a cool area.
  • Keep the balls away from flames.
  • Keep them away from children.


Q 1. Can Naphthalene Balls for rats be used?

Ans: Ideally, Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls usually kill eggs, larvae, and moths. However, they can keep the rats away to a certain extent, but they cannot kill them.

Q 2. Can Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls be used for bedrooms?

Ans: No. Always use Wonder Fresh Naphthalene Balls for tightly closed containers and spaces. Using it in rooms where one sits and spends a lot of time can be harmful as these balls release gases into the air that can cause respiratory problems.

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