Vcare Shikkakai Paste - 150g
Vcare Shikkakai Paste - 150g
Vcare Shikkakai Paste - 150g
Vcare Shikkakai Paste - 150g

Vcare Shikkakai Paste - 150g

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The main benefits of VCare Shikkakai Paste pertain to nourishment and cleansing of hair. This paste is meant to provide hair care in a natural way. The preparation of VCare Shikkakai Paste in India ensures the goodness of the natural hair care component, shikkakai. It is also infused with other beneficial herbal ingredients like hibiscus, fenugreek and amla for amazing hair nourishment. VCare Shikkakai Paste has good foaming properties due to the presence of an organic certified, mild surfactant.


  • VCare Shikkakai Paste provides deep conditioning and nourishment of hair.
  • Hair strengthens after application due to soy protein.
  • Cleanses the hair completely from dust, dirt and pollutants.


  • Shikkakai
  • Fenugreek
  • Provitamin B5
  • Amla
  • Soy Bean
  • Hibiscus
  • Organic, Certified Mild Surfactant


  • To cleanse the hair from unwanted particles.
  • To provide deep hair nourishment.
  • VCare Shikkakai Paste enhances overall hair health.

How to Use

  • Wet your hair.
  • Pour a small quantity of VCare Shikkakai Paste on your hands.
  • Now rub the paste in your wet hair and properly massage.
  • After massaging, properly rinse your hair with water.

Safety Information

  • Keep VCare Shikkakai Paste away from children.
  • Store this hair paste in a cool place.


Q 1. Can men use VCare Shikkakai Paste?

Ans: VCare Shikkakai Paste is a gender-neutral product. Men, as well as women, can benefit from this hair paste.

Q 2. Can you apply VCare Shikkakai Paste to a child’s hair?

Ans: This is a product that is fit to be used by all age groups. It can surely be applied to a child’s hair. You can easily go ahead and buy VCare Shikkakai Paste for kids.

Q 3. Are there any side effects of VCare Shikkakai Paste?

Ans: There are no known side effects of VCare Shikkakai Paste. This is because the composition of VCare Shikkakai Paste comprises natural ingredients. There is no presence of any chemicals in this hair paste. Some individuals may be allergic to one of the components of this hair paste. Such individuals must avoid using this product.

Q 4. Can whiteness of hair be cured with VCare Shikkakai Paste?

Ans: VCare Shikkakai Paste is basically a shampoo. So, it will not be able to cure the hair whitening problem. You should try some other alternatives for the hair whitening problem like hair oil, hair dye, etc.

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