Pepsodent 2-In-1 Toothpaste Tube Of 80 G

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Get the opportunity to enjoy pearly white teeth once you get your hands on the best toothpaste. Pepsodent 2-In-1 Toothpaste is one way to not just get the bright white teeth but also save some bucks at the same time. This 2 in 1 toothpaste helps in fighting tooth cavities and decay with a specially designed formula. It consists of protective elements in toothpaste, which will help prevent plaque formation and even gum sensitivity.


  • The Pepsodent 2-In-1 Toothpaste will not just provide you with pearly white teeth but prevent plaque formation as well.
  • It is great toothpaste if you are suffering from gum sensitivity.
  • It comes in a fresh flavour, which will present an everlasting freshness and a clean breath after every use and for a long time.
  • With regular use of this toothpaste, you will experience the lesser forms of bacteria and germs.
  • Now, you can get this toothpaste in an 80g tube, which is perfect for every possible member of the family.
  • Not just for elders, but even children can try out this toothpaste without facing any side effects.


  • Fluoride
  • Triclosan


Brushing with this toothpaste twice daily will help remove plaque and can further fight tooth decay. It is going to be a complete oral care solution for the entire family.

How to Use

  • Make sure to brush twice daily for better results all the time.
  • Visit the dentist on a regular basis for quality results.
  • For children under the age group of six, better to use just a pea-sized amount and under adult supervision.

Safety Information

  • Do not consume toothpaste, especially for children.
  • It should not touch your eyes and if it does, rinse it with cold water.
  • Do not give more than the recommended amount to children.
  • Must check the expiration date before using.


1. What does the Pepsodent 2-In-1 Toothpaste mean?

2-in-1 means that the toothpaste will not just fight against the cavity-causing germs but will also provide you with plaque-free and germ-free oral care.

2. How long will the effect of Pepsodent 2-In-1 Toothpaste last?

Once brushed, the effect of this toothpaste will last for 12 hours, even while eating and drinking during that time.

3. Can I experience fresh breath all day after using Pepsodent 2-In-1 Toothpaste?

Yes, because of its natural activated clay formula and fluoride, you will have fresh breath all day, alongside a bright and white smile.

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