Mamy Poko Pants Standard Pant Style Medium Size Diapers - 36 Count

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The small daily growth of a child gives great joy to its mother. MamyPoko Pant Style Diapers support a mother's deep affection for her children as they grow. With its high quality and advanced features, MamyPoko Pants support parents by reducing the burden of child-rearing tasks and enhancing the joy of child-raising. MamyPoko Pants are the most affordable and gentle diapers for your baby during his formative years.


  • MamyPoko Pant Style Diapers are easy to wear and come with an easy-to-remove function.
  • These are made of soft elastic, not tapes. This ensures easy to fit and is gentle on the skin.
  • Its breathable material keeps the baby fresh and comfortable all night.
  • It has a crisscross absorbent sheet that absorbs 7 glasses of urine and spreads it evenly.
  • Diaper does not get heavy because urine does not get collected at one place because of its crisscross absorbent sheet.
  • These Diapers are suitable for babies weighing 7 - 12 kg.
  • Choosing the right diaper size based on baby weight is important. The diaper capacity may vary among babies depending on the volume of pee and posture.
  • It has stretchable thigh support which prevents thigh gaps and hence, prevents leakage.
  • Its breathable cotton-like cover prevents stuffiness even when used for long hours.
  • It comes with cute poko chan designs.


MamyPoko Pant Style Diapers allow your baby to have a good night’s sleep with extra protection and without the fear of leakage.

How to Use

  • Make sure your baby has been washed and towel-dried before using the diaper.
  • To make your baby wear the diaper, pull up the pants. Use the front blue-line indicator to guide you.
  • To remove the diaper, tear it from both sides and pull down the diaper pants and discard them by wrapping the used diaper pants in a newspaper.
  • Dispose it off in a dry waste bin carefully.
  • Wash your hands before and after using the diaper to ensure the utmost hygiene.

Safety Information

  • Keep it away from children.
  • For single use only, not washable.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Please consult a doctor in case of irritation.
  • Do not flush the diaper. Discard carefully.


Q1. How many hours can we use Mamy Poko Pants?

Ans: These diapers offer up to 12 hours so that there won't be a need for frequent diaper changing.

Q2. Who is the manufacturer of Mamy Poko Pants?

Ans: These pant-style diapers have been manufactured by ‎Unicharm India Pvt. Ltd in India.

Q3. Are Mamy Poko Pants safe?

Ans: MamyPoko Pant Style Diapers are safe for use. For making the absorbent pad, pulp, paper and polymer have been used. Furthermore, the polymer is considered completely safe for young skin.

Q4. How to use these diapers?

Ans: After checking which side is the front, put Mamy Poko Pants on your baby as you would a pair of ordinary underwear. Holding your baby steady, stretch the pants to make enough room for the baby's legs to go through both openings one at a time. Pull up the pants around your child's belly button to ensure that there are no gaps at the top of the legs. Check that the waistband gathers and leg gathers are not folded in.

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