Liveasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace-Small
Liveasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace-Small
Liveasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace-Small

Liveasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace-Small

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The clavicle is an s-shaped bone that is commonly known as collar bone. It is positioned between the sternum (breastbone) and the shoulder right at the top of the ribcage. It provides structural support. Fractured collar bones are often very painful, take some time to heal and hinder mobility.

LivEasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace gives smart support that helps to immobilize, stabilize and provide compression to the fractured area. It is comfortable to wear, ensures a linear union and prevents contraction of the fractured collar bone. It thus aids in the healing of injured and fractured collarbone.

Key Benefits

  • Comes with a reverse fastening option with the help of hook loops
  • Provides a wide-range flexibility
  • LivEasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace provides the option to tighten the grip around the collarbone region
  • The figure-eight design ensures linear union of the collar bone
  • The ergonomic design of LivEasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace allows free movement of the arms
  • The brace provides perfect immobilisation, easy usage and tightening options
  • Ideal for back support and back pain
  • The product is also highly recommended for acromioclavicular fractures as well
  • Made from a combination of three materials cotton, rubber and polyester

Key Features

  • Smart, sleek and ergonomic design
  • Highly flexible for position and repositioning
  • Provides comfort for daily wear
  • Does not cause an underarm rash
  • A lightweight product
  • Option for two-way adjustment
  • Comes with hook and loop closure
  • Buckles don’t bite into the skin
  • The product is available in 4 sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone

Product Uses

  • LivEasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace helps in reducing pain associated with a collarbone fracture
  • The brace stabilizes as well as immobilizes the clavicle bone
  • Helps provide structural support which collapses due to fracture and injury of the collar bone.
  • Helps improve the posture of people who have stooped shoulders

Safety Precautions

  • If upon using the product, you experience increased pain and discomfort, contact your healthcare provider right away
  • Keep out of the reach of children

Product Instructions

  • Hand wash LivEasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace with a mild detergent/soap and cold water
  • Leave it to air dry, away from direct sunlight
  • Do not squeeze, iron, bleach or dry clean the product

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Q1. Does the product cause a rash or any other kind of skin allergy?

Ans: No, the inner lining of LivEasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace is made with cotton ensuring comfort and preventing rash and irritation.

Q2. I have stooping shoulders; can I use LivEasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace to correct my posture?

Ans: Yes, the clavicle brace can be used for posture correction if your physician prescribes so.

Q3. Is the product made in India?

Ans: Yes, LivEasy Ortho Care Clavicle Brace is made in India.

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