Liveasy Essentials S Shaped Push Up Bar
Liveasy Essentials S Shaped Push Up Bar
Liveasy Essentials S Shaped Push Up Bar
Liveasy Essentials S Shaped Push Up Bar
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Liveasy Essentials S Shaped Push Up Bar

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In this day and age, public places are best avoided, including the gym. But that doesn’t mean your fitness regime should take a back seat. Home gym equipment can help you attain your fitness goals and stay healthy.

One such piece of equipment is the LivEasy Sports Push Up Bar. With this bar, you can build your upper body strength, work the pectoral and tricep muscles and eventually strengthen the lower back, core and abdominal muscles as well. What is special about LivEasy Sports Push Up Bar is that it is made from reinforced steel that lasts long. The foam pads at the grips ensure that your hand doesn’t get sore after multiple reps of push-ups. These foam pads are also sweat-resistant and you need not fear losing your grip. Moreover, they take the strain off your wrists so that you don’t end up with stiff, swollen and aching wrists after an intense session of push-ups.

LivEasy Sports Push Up Bar can be packed in your office bag, or even travel bags. That way you can easily get a few push-ups done during your work breaks or while you are in a hotel and have nothing else to do.

Uses of LivEasy Sports Push Up Bar:

  • The perfect addition to your home fitness routine
  • Makes push-ups more effective
  • Helps to strengthen the chest, arms, back, core and triceps

Product specifications and uses:

  • Made with toughened steel tubing
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Foam hand pads offer convenient grip
  • Light-weight and can easily be carried in a travel/office bag

Product care:

  • Spray your push up bar with disinfecting spray if you had taken it out of your home
  • Wipe it with a clean but moist cloth regularly
  • Dry it in the open air

Safety information:

  • Keep away from the reach of children

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Can both men and women use LivEasy Sports Push Up Bar?
Ans: Yes, push-ups are an excellent form of exercise for women, men and teenagers. Anyone can use LivEasy Sports Push Up Bar to help with their push-ups.

Q2: Is using LivEasy Sports Push Up Bar convenient?
Ans: LivEasy Sports Push Up Bar has foam hand pads for easy grip. Even when your hands start sweating, you will be able to hold on to these pads because of their anti-slip technology.

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