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Filtrum Tablets 400mg - 10 Cap

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Filtrum tablet targets keeping the gut healthy. It contains ingredients that support the absorption of nutrients in the intestine. It is a useful medicine in treating diarrhoea and helps fight any kind of bacteria and virus.


  • Filtrum has a huge absorption capacity as well as a broad spectrum of absorption compared to activated charcoal.
  • Its action is localised to the intestine with no effect on the gut biota.
  • The formulation is free of lactose, gluten, soya, yeast, dairy, starch and maize.
  • It is safe, natural, non-toxic and well-tolerated.
  • It is considered to be a dietary fibre as it is eliminated from the gastrointestinal tract unaltered.
  • Aids in the relief of IBS symptoms and supports a healthy gut.


  • Lignin hydrolysed
  • Povidone
  • Sodium croscarmellose
  • Calcium stearate


  • Filtrum effectively treats food and alcohol poisoning.
  • It also helps cure travellers’ diarrhoea.
  • It is further indicated in the treatment of kidney and liver failure.

How to Use

  • The recommended Filtrum tablet usage is one dose 3-4 times a day one hour before a meal and/or taking other medications.
  • The dosage in children depends on factors like age and weight. It is usually between 1 to 2 tablets.
  • The dosage in children older than 12 and adults will be 1 to 3 tablets, 3-4 times a day one hour before a meal and/or taking other medications.
  • It is best to use the tablet as directed on the label or by the physician.

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep it out of the reach of the children.
  • Do not consume it after expiry.


Q1: For how long should I take the medicine to see results?

Ans: The recommended duration of the treatment is 3 to 5 days for acute infections and poisonings. You may be required to continue the medicine for 14 to 21 days in case of allergies and chronic intoxications.

Q2: Can children below one and pregnant women have the medicine?

Ans: Yes, Filtrum can be used by pregnant and lactating women, as well as by children younger than one year of age after consultation with a medical doctor.

Q3: Can Filtrum tablets help in treating face rash?

Ans: Filtrum helps remove pathogens, bacterial toxins, poisons, allergens and excess metabolic products. It may help negate the face rash if it is caused as a result of food or medicine allergy.

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