Dr. Vaidya'S Nirgundi Oil 100 Ml

Dr. Vaidya'S Nirgundi Oil 100 Ml

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Dr Vaidya is an ancient Indian firm with FDA-approved, patented ayurvedic medicinal compositions. They have products for osteoarthritis, hypoglycemia, bronchitis, weight loss, congestion, eczema and many more ailments. The brand's goal is to make Ayurveda's ancient science attractive and approachable to new customers.

Dr Vaidya’s Nirgundi oil is a postmodern ayurvedic therapy oil for joint and neuromuscular issues. Dr Vaidya's Nirgudi joint guard oil contains a powerful blend of castor oil, mustard oil and sesame oil, as well as Nirgundi powder. The possible constituents in DR. Vaidya's Nirgudi oil guard have anti-inflammatory effects, which you can use to treat typical joint problems caused by muscle contractions and tendon strains.


  • It aids in the relief of physical pain.
  • It aids in the reduction of inflammation.
  • Muscular soreness or painful muscles are relieved.
  • Increases the flow of blood through the body.
  • Improves the healing of your ligaments.
  • One of the best Dr Vaidya products by Dr Vaidya’s Company.


  • Muscular loosening is aided.
  • Your joints will be more flexible as a result of this.
  • Aids in the successful treatment of acute pain.
  • Muscular cramps are relieved.
  • Oedema and discomfort should be reduced.
  • This Nirgundi oil relieves pain right away.

Directions for Use

  • In your hand, place 5-10 drops of DR. Vaidya's Nirgudi joint guard.
  • It should be allocated to a specific region.
  • Massage gently the areas where the discomfort is the most intense.
  • For efficient muscle cramps alleviation, repeat it multiple times a day or as advised by your doctor.

Safety Information

  • Before using, thoroughly check the instructions.
  • Use it only for external applications.
  • Maintain it out of the range of youngsters.
  • Putting oil to an infected sore or skin injury should be avoided.
  • Only use on the surface of the body that is still intact.
  • Avoid making direct touch with your eyes or other susceptible parts of your body.


Q1. What are Dr Vaidya Nirgundi Oil side effects?

Ans1. According to the recommendations, Dr Vaidya's Nirgundi oil protectors usually are effective and have no adverse effects. Some people, however, may develop skin rashes, adverse reactions or eczema. In this instance, stop using the oil and seek medical advice before continuing.

Q2. When can you not use Dr Vaidya's Nirgundi Oil?

Ans2. The use of Nirgundi joint guard is not recommended in the following situations:

  • Individuals who are allergic to certain foods.
  • Females who are expecting.
  • Congestive cardiac failure and renal failure patients

Q3. What is the price of Dr Vaidya's Nirgundi Oil?

Ans3. Dr Vaidya’s Nirgundi Oil is accessible in 2 pack sizes: two 100 ml (2X100 ml) and one 1000 ml (1X1000 ml) net quantities. The price of the first pack is 400, while the second pack costs 2000.

Q4. What are the reviews of Dr Vaidya's Nirgundi Oil?

Ans4. This Dr Vaidya's product by Dr Vaidya's company has all-around positive reviews and good options for everyone looking for the best oil to apply.

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