Delux Pumps With Meter Gauge - Handheld Pump With A Quick Release Valve For Comfort

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Delux Pump with Meter Gauge is a safe and affordable alternative to medical surgeries specially designed for permanent penis enlargement. This is formulated specially to improve confidence while making love in bed. Unlike other penis enlargement procedures, Delux Pump does not cause any side effects. It naturally increases the size of the penis and helps it reach its maximum potential. It comes with a transparent cylinder, a comfortable handheld pump and a quick-release valve to ensure maximum comfort. If it creates discomfort because of the high pressure, consider pushing the valve to release the pressure instantly.


  • Boost confidence in bed.
  • An easy and affordable alternative to expensive penis enlargement surgeries.
  • It allows the penis to reach its maximum potential.
  • Helps to achieve the farthest erotic point of the partner's body without any discomfort.
  • Features a unique transparent cylinder to witness the entire penis enlargement process.
  • A revolutionary penis enlargement product for the man inside you.
  • Delux Pump comes with a comfortable handheld pump to release pressure in case of discomfort.


  • The Delux Pump is a unique and affordable product that gives the bigger and thicker penis without requiring penis enlargement procedures.
  • The Delux Pump is an ideal choice that helps the penis to reach its maximum potential without causing side effects.
  • Regular usage helps reach the farthest erotic point of the partner's body and makes you the man you always wanted to be.

How to Use

  • Insert the erected penis inside the Delux Pump and keep suction going using the handheld pump.
  • If there’s any discomfort or the pressure goes beyond a limit, push the valve gently to release the stress instantly.

Safety Information

  • Keep this product in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.
  • Please read the label carefully before taking it into use.
  • Switch off the Delux Pump if it hampers the comfort level.
  • Insert only the erected penis in the transparent cylinder.
  • Keep this product out of kids' reach.
  • Do not use it after the expiry period to avoid side effects.


Q1: Does a Delux Pump increase penis size?

Ans: Yes, the pumping process by the Delux Pump allows penile tissues to expand, leading to new cells, encouraging the penis to increase its size.

Q2: Is it safe to use a Delux Pump?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to use a Delux Pump as it uses gentle suction to enlarge the penis size without causing any discomfort or side effects. In case of any pain, consider pushing the valve.

Q3: How is the Delux Pump used?

Ans: It is extremely easy to use the Delux Pump to enlarge the penis size. Insert the erected penis inside the Delux Pump and keep suction going using the handheld pump.

Product Details
Country of Origin
China, India
If the seal of the product is broken it will be non-returnable.

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