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Hair oils are an essential part of healthy hair care for many people. Oiling your hair regularly comes with multiple benefits. Taking good care of hair by oiling it may lead to healthier, thicker, more lush hair. So without much adieu, shop for hair oils suited to you and your hair. Find them on PharmEasy's online store!

What are hair oils used for?

Looking after the health of hair is quite a time-consuming task. In today’s busy lifestyle, it is nearly impossible to devote a chunk of time to just hair care. This is where hair oils come in handy. You will be able to see results by oiling your hair only once a week! Just apply it 2 hours before hair wash. By doing just this, you can achieve more healthy-looking hair in no time.

Types of Hair oil

  • Coconut oil: The most popular hair oil is virgin coconut oil, particularly in South Asia. It ranks among the best oils for reducing protein loss from both damaged and healthy hair. The oil is light and may easily penetrate the hair shaft because it has a low molecular weight. Coconut oil is a good option for the majority of hair types because it can deep condition and offer natural protection.
  • Castor oil: Castor oil is derived from castor beans and contains important properties such as vitamin E, minerals and proteins, making it excellent for hair growth. Castor oil also contains antioxidants that support hair keratin. It may help make your hair stronger, smoother and healthier. When you receive this oil, it is cold pressed (meaning no heat is involved during the extraction process), which is 100% pure virgin castor oil. It offers other great benefits such as conditioning and moisturizing hair and preventing split ends.
  • Jojoba oil: This oil, which is obtained from the jojoba plant, is excellent because it has a chemical composition similar to the oil that is naturally created on our scalps (sebum). This indicates that your scalp will likely accept it without experiencing any negative effects. Jojoba oil hydrates the hair from the inside out.
  • Argan oil: It is most commonly known as Moroccan oil. Argan oil is rich in vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants. So it can act as a conditioner and may help strengthen hair.
  • Amla oil: It is the main ingredient for ayurvedic remedies for a healthy head of hair. Amla oil can have a cooling effect which is ideal for the Indian climate.

Top Brands of hair oil

  • Parachute: It is one of the leading brands of coconut oil in India. The parachute is also the most widely used hair oil as they promote healthy and luscious hair.
  • Indulekha: Inspired by the ayurvedic recipes, Indulekha showcases products with native ingredients. Ingredients like amla and bhringaraj are fairly common in their products. They are known to promote hair growth and hair health.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

It is better to start with a small amount for massaging. Then keep on adding more until it is adequately covered in oil. But be careful of using too much as it can make you look greasy.

question 2

Both have their benefits. It would result in a different texture and style of hair depending on when applied.

question 3

Regular use and consistently taking good care of hair make it become healthier and silkier. Hence the shine will be long-lasting.

question 4

  • Depending on the scalp type, you should apply oil at least once to 2-3 times a week.
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