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Nutrition Drinks

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Nutrition Drinks
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What are nutrition drinks?

It is essential that our body gets sufficient nutrition through the meals we eat daily. They build up our immune system and keep diseases at bay. However, fast-paced lifestyles don’t allow people enough time to prepare a well-balanced meal. Nutrition drinks are supplements to full meals and consist of vitamins and minerals. They are also consumed by those facing a loss of appetite or have difficulty in chewing solid food. Sometimes patients recovering from surgeries or other illnesses opt for these alternatives. There are several nutritional supplement drinks for pregnancy. They provide a healthy balanced intake of carbohydrate, protein and fat.

What are nutrition drinks used for?

Drinking nutrition drinks have lots of benefits.

The list inclues

  • Rich in Nutritional Value: Like the name suggests drinking these supplements is an effective way to get lots of good nutrients in the body. They contain plenty of vitamins, fibre and protein. The calo...
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  • Skipping Unhealthy Food Options to calm hunger pangs: A packet of chips or processed food might taste good, but they contain high fat and sugar content that might have adverse effects on our health. I...
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  • Drink it on the go: Younger generations rarely have time to sit and relish a full meal due to their hectic schedules. Nutritional drinks for adults are like a blessing from above. The drinks can easil...
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Different types of nutrition drinks

Although there are hundreds of varieties of nutrition drinks, they can be broadly classified into two categories:

The categories are

  • Shakes: Nutritional protein drinks like Ensure, Boost and Complan can be easily obtained from any grocery store. They are formulated for oral consumption and meet general nutrition goals. Some are dev...
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  • Formulas: They are designed for specific health conditions like kidney diseases, obstructive pulmonary disease or cancer. They can be consumed orally but might not taste good.

Top brands selling nutrition drinks

Nutrition drinks are the best way to bridge the nutrient gap, and supermarket shelves overflow with innumerable variants. Some of the best brands are Horlicks, Cadbury Bournvita, Pediasure, Protinex Original, Fast & Up, Glucon - D and Complan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sattu be regarded as a nutritional drink?

Sattu is rich in protein and nutrition values, and can be mixed with water and jaggery for consumption. It helps to make the immune system strong and therefore can be regarded as an affordable nutrition drink.

Does nutritional drink help to gain weight?

Nutritional drink contains high proteins, vitamins and minerals. Though it mostly supplements energy needs they also help in weight gain or weight maintenance.

Is it okay to drink Boost daily?

Boost can be had as a meal supplement or mini-meal more than once every day.

Can protein shakes damage kidneys?

Kidneys help the body to remove waste during protein synthesis. Thus consuming excessive amounts of protein shakes might damage kidney functioning.
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