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Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet 25'S Pack

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Accu-Chek Softclix Lancets are used in conjunction with the Softclix lancing pen to draw blood with minimal pain. You can then apply a tiny amount of blood to the Accu-Chek strips and test your blood glucose on the appropriate glucometer. Accu-Chek Lancets are created to simplify the process of measuring your blood sugar and ensuring accurate pricking without drawing excessive blood.


  • When used with the Softclix device, Accu-Chek lancets are virtually pain-free and accurate.
  • The tip has a 0.4mm diameter, that is precisely cut and bevelled, the thin tip results in smoother entry into the skin.
  • Using the Softclix lancet with the device reduces unnecessary skin tearing, which decreases the pain sensation.
  • The lancet can be used with all skin types, as the Accu-Chek Softclixlancing device has multiple depth settings to suit each person's preferences and can be easily adjusted using the rotating cap.
  • The sterilized Accu-Chek lancets needle ensures that safety and hygiene are maintained.


For pricking the skin safely and precisely using it along with the Accu-Chek Softclix lancing device, to draw blood for testing sugar levels.

How to Use

  • Read the provided instructions carefully before using this product.
  • Remove the end of the Softclix lancing device, place 1 fresh Accu-Chek lancet into the device.
  • Twist off the plastic covering on the lancet tip. Replace the cap on the lancing device (follow the instructions to ensure it is placed correctly).
  • Press the button at the top of the Softclix device while placing your finger at the bottom of the device. This will prime the lancet. Finally, press the yellow button on the side of the device, this will press the Accu-Chek lancet into your skin.
  • After the skin is pricked, dispose of the lancet.

Safety Information

  • Do not reuse the lancets.
  • Maintain clean hands throughout the process.
  • Store away from sunlight and children.


Q1: How many lancets are in the pack?

Ans: This pack contains 25 lancets.

Q2: What depth level should I use for my skin?

Ans: Each person's skin is different, so you can start by testing the lowest depth setting on the Softclix device and move to lower depths consecutively till you find the perfect depth for you.

Q3: What is the Accu-Chek price for 25 lancets?

Ans: The cost for 25 Softclix lancets is between Rs. 111 and Rs. 112.

Q4: Can it be used with other lancing devices?

Ans: No it is only compatible with Accu-Chek lancing devices.

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Germany, India
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