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D Venizep 100mg Tablets

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D Venizep 100mg Tablets Description

D Venizep 100 mg Tab is a combination of two antidepressant medications. It aids in the treatment of depression by boosting the level of certain chemical messengers in the brain that have a soothing

impact on mental health and relax the nerves. D Venizep 100 mg Tab can be taken with or without meals. For optimal pharmacological effects, it is best to consume it at the same time every day. Take the medication in the amount and the length of time your doctor prescribes. Do not forgo any doses and complete the whole treatment plan even if you feel fine. It's critical not to discontinue taking this medicine without consulting your doctor since doing so might make your symptoms worse. Nausea, ejaculation dysfunction, poor sexual drive are frequent adverse effects of this prescription that generally go away independently. However, please consult your doctor if such symptoms do not go away or annoy you.


Product Summary

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ContainsClonazepam(0.5 Mg) + Desvenlafaxine(100.0 Mg)
UsesTreats depression and improve mental health
Side effectsDepression, nausea, ejaculation disorder, insomnia or difficulty in sleeping, erectile dysfunction, headache, tiredness, memory impairment, low sexual desire, uncoordinated body movements
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Uses of D Venizep 100mg Tablets

  • As per the CDSCO, D Venizep 100 mg Tab is used in the treatment of depression

Contraindications of D Venizep 100mg Tablets

  • If you are allergic to desvenlafaxine or any active components in D Venizep 100 mg Tab.
  • If you are taking Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI).
  • If you have an alcohol addiction or use any cough, sleep-inducing, or allergy medicine.
  • If you have a thyroid or renal problem, glaucoma, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, or any other cardiac condition.

Side effects of D Venizep 100mg Tablets

  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Ejaculation disorder
  • Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Uncoordinated body movements

Precautions and Warnings of D Venizep 100mg Tablets



Can I take D Venizep 100 mg Tab during pregnancy?
It is not safe to take D Venizep 100 mg Tab during pregnancy since there is a clear danger to the developing infant. However, the doctor might recommend it in certain life-threatening instances. Please seek medical advice.

Breast Feeding

Can I take D Venizep 100 mg Tab while breastfeeding?
Using D-Venizep 100 Tablet while nursing is probably not an excellent idea since, according to limited human research, the medicine may transfer into breast milk and harm the newborn. Please seek medical advice.


Can I drive if I have taken D Venizep 100 mg Tab?
Dizziness and tiredness are possible adverse effects of D-Venizep 100 Tablet, which might impair your ability to drive.


Can I consume alcohol with the D Venizep 100 mg Tab?
Do not consume alcohol with D Venizep 100 mg Tab since it may cause sleepiness and discomfort.

Other General Warnings

Talk to your doctor if
  • You have thoughts about self-harmful or suicidal thoughts.
  • You become angry, anxious, have difficulties sleeping, have more activity or conversation than usual, or have any other odd changes in behaviour or mood.
  • You want to stop taking D Venizep Tab. Do not stop consuming D Venizep 100 mg Tab unless your doctor directs you. However, stopping therapy abruptly could create difficulties, so your doctor will usua...
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  • You are taking any other antidepressants.
  • You have hypertension. You must regularly monitor your blood pressure while taking D Venizep 100 mg Tab.
  • You conceive during the course of D Venizep Tab or are planning a pregnancy.

Mode of Action of D Venizep 100mg Tablets

How Does It Work?

Desvenlafaxine and clonazepam are the active ingredients in D Venizep 100 mg Tab. Desvenlafaxine raises the levels of chemical messengers noradrenaline & serotonin, which are natural compounds in the ...
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Directions for Use of D Venizep 100mg Tablets

  • Take the long-acting D Venizep 100 mg Tab orally once a day, with or without meals.
  • Consume the D Venizep 100 mg Tab at the same time each day.
  • Study the label instructions carefully, and if there is anything you don't understand, ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist to clarify it.
  • Do not consume less or more frequently than your doctor gave.

Interactions of D Venizep 100mg Tablets

Interactions with other medicines

  • D Venizep 100 mg Tab may interact with the following medications and cause adverse effects: nausea, headache, and low sexual desire. They are:
  • Pain relievers including aspirin, tramadol, acetaminophen
  • Narcotic pain relievers like morphine, codeine
  • Blood thinners such as warfarin
  • Antidepressant medication, including aripiprazole (cimetidine)

Interactions with food items

  • There is no major interaction between D Venizep 100 mg Tab and food. However, ask your health care professional before consuming D Venizep 100 mg Tab.

Storage and disposal of D Venizep 100mg Tablets

Keep D Venizep 100 mg Tab securely wrapped in the packaging. Keep it out of the reach of kids or pets. Store D Venizep 100 mg Tab at room temperature, free from moisture and heat. Dispose of unused/ex...
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Dosage of D Venizep 100mg Tablets


Vomiting, agitation, seizures, restlessness, sweating, unconsciousness, enlarged pupil size, muscular soreness, or weakness are some of the symptoms of a D Venizep 100 mg Tab overdose. In case of an o...
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Missed a Dose

Consume the overdue dosage as soon as you recall. Skip the delayed dose and return to your usual dosing plan, if it is almost time for the next dose. Do not consume a double amount to make up for a de...
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Content Details


Dr. Jagruti Jain

M.B.B.S., M.D., D.N.B., General Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Does D Venizep 100 mg Tab make you gain weight?

A: Weight gain has a correlation to the usage of D Venizep 100 mg Tab, according to some reports. You must maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. It's crucial to remember that it's simpler to prevent weight gain than lose it.

Q: Can I stop consuming D Venizep 100 mg Tab when my symptoms are gone?

A: No, even if you're feeling fine, you should keep taking D Venizep 100 mg Tab. If you suddenly stop using D Venizep 100 mg Tab, you may have severe withdrawal symptoms like sleepiness or increased heartbeat. So your doctor will most likely progressively reduce your dose.

Q: Does D Venizep 100 mg Tab cause sexual problems?

A: D Venizep 100 mg Tab might cause a reduction in sex drive, erection issues, and orgasm. If you have any worries about this, seek medical advice.
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