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With increasing numbers of diabetic patients, sugar substitutes have found a prominent way in our lifestyle. They are used by health-conscious people to reduce their calorie intake in a day. Here is everything you need to know about sugar substitutes and their types.

What are sugar substitutes used for?

Sugar substitutes can be used by people with diabetes or weight management plans. . They come in pellets as well as powdered forms and can be used for sweetening food, beverages, and desserts. With sugar substitutes, you can have all your favourite beverages and desserts without adding any extra calories to your diet. They are also beneficial as they do not increase the sugar content of your blood. Artificial sugar substitutes should be used in moderation.

Types of sugar substitutes

  • Based on the way they are made, sugar substitutes can be divided into three major types;
  • Artificial sugar substitutes
  • Sugar substitutes like aspartame, saccharin, acesulfame, and sucralose are considered artificial sugar substitutes. They are made artificially and do not occur in nature. They are chemically produced in factories. Artificial sugar substitutes can be used as sugar substitutes in a variety of desserts.
  • Natural sugar substitutes
  • Sugar substitutes that can be naturally extracted from plants are called natural sugar substitutes. They occur naturally and are sometimes difficult to regulate because of their unknown compositions. Stevia is one of the natural sugar substitutes that has been on the market for a long time.
  • Functional sugar substitutes
  • Functional sugar substitutes are sugar alcohols and can be used in bulk production. They are a reduced form of carbohydrates like mannitol. Other sugar substitutes like sorbitol, erythritol, and xylitol are also used as functional sugar substitutes. These are good for people who are suffering from diabetes. Another benefit of functional sugar substitutes is that they moisten the food products.

Top sugar substitutes brands and their USPs

  • LivEasy Wellness Zero Calorie are sugar substitute tablets made from sucralose, an artificial sweetener. It has zero calories because most of the sucralose consumed is not ingested by the body. It acts like a perfect sugar substitute because it makes your food item sweet without the harmful effects of sugar. people with diabetes and those who are trying to cut down sugar consumption and can easily consume this..
  • Sugar Free Green 100 Pellets-Made From Stevia 100% Natural Sweetener & Sugar Substitute - It has the goodness of natural substitutes for sugar with the benefits of low-calorie sugars.
  • So Sweet Xylitol Powder has a low glycemic index (GI).Food items with lowest ranks have little effect on blood sugar levels. So Sweet has Xylitol, which has a low glycemic index and is a substitute for sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Sucralose and Stevia are the most used sugar substitutes. Sucralose is an artificial sugar substitute, whereas stevia is a natural substitute.

question 2

Sugar substitutes are good when you want to maintain a healthy diet. They do not add extra calories to your diet, even when you have a sweet tooth.

question 3

Sugar substitutes are really good for weight loss. Since they do not add any extra calories to your diet, you can easily have them in your food and can gradually cut down when your tastebuds adapt to less-sweetened food.

question 4

  • It is naturally advisable that children should not intake sugar substitutes in higher amounts. However, they can have small amounts of sugar substitutes in their diets after discussing it with their doctor.
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