Wonder Fresh Air Freshener Lavender 100gm
Wonder Fresh Air Freshener Lavender 100gm
Wonder Fresh Air Freshener Lavender 100gm

Wonder Fresh Air Freshener Lavender 100gm

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The Wonder Fresh Air Freshener Lavender helps eliminate the bad odours from inside the room or your car and improve its ambience. This lavender-infused air freshener also helps keep the area pest-free. The long-lasting and calming lavender fragrance of Wonder Fresh Air Freshener will help you relax and keep your mind fresh.


  • Lavender helps in refreshing the mind.
  • Will lull you to restful sleep.
  • Will keep the room’s ambience fresh and rejuvenating.
  • Helps in keeping the pests away from the room.
  • Eliminates the bad odours from the room.
  • Can be used anywhere with ease.
  • No skin irritation or other health problems.
  • Long-lasting and lingering fragrance.


  • Lavender powder solution
  • Benzene


  • The use of Wonder Fresh Air Freshener is that it eliminates pungent and suffocating smells from any room.
  • The Lavender scented Wonder Fresh Air Freshener has a calming and relaxing effect.

How to Use

  • Cut open the sachet present inside the Wonder Fresh Lavender infused air freshener and re-insert it in the box.
  • You can then hang the box from a nail or hook in the wall or anywhere else and let the scented molecules get infused with the air molecules inside the room.

Safety Information

  • Keep it out of flame’s way as the product is inflammable.
  • Do not keep it under direct sunlight or refrigerate it.
  • Make sure to keep it away from children’s reach.
  • Do not smell the sachet directly after opening it.
  • Do not ingest.


Q1. How long will the fragrance stay in the air after using the freshener?

Ans: Once you hang the Wonder Fresh Air Freshener sachet in the room, the Lavender fragrance will last for at least four to five hours unless there are some other sources from where scented molecules are released into the air.

Q2. Will I be instantly able to smell the lavender fragrance after using the air freshener?

Ans: After you open the air freshener sachet from Wonder Fresh in the room, it will take some time for the lavender-scented molecules to mix in the air and cast a heavenly smell.

Q3. Is the air freshener harmful if I have respiratory allergies?

Ans: Since the air freshener is infused with lavender, it wouldn’t cause you any harm, even if you are suffering from respiratory allergies of different kinds.

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