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Strepsils Orange Lozenges is a lozenge that helps you get relief from sore throats or throat aches. Strepsils Orange Lozenges are medicated, thus they provide very effective relief from ailments of the throat. Strepsils Orange Lozenges contain a combination of two antiseptics (1.2 mg of 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol and 0.6 mg of Amylmetacresol) along with Levomenthol which is a mild local anaesthetic. These ingredients are quick acting to provide relief from any soreness in the throat while tackling the illness-causing factors too. The orange flavour of the lozenges tastes very good, which is a bonus while getting relief from throat ailments.

Strepsils Orange Lozenges are also very effective in clearing out any nasal congestion along with providing relief from ailments like tickly coughs, sore throats and dry coughs. Strepsils Orange Lozenges are clinically proven to provide effective relief from common throat-related ailments and common cough and cold too. The medicine is effective for both adults and children alike.


  • Strepsils Orange Lozenges are very effective in treating any bacterial throat infections.
  • Strepsils Orange Lozenges soothe sore throats and also provide relief from throat aches.
  • The lozenges help soothe the throat if it is damaged due to dry coughs and also helps ease the throat while it is in recovery.
  • These are very convenient to use and can be consumed by people of all ages.


The components of Strepsil Orange Lozenges include:

  • 1.2 mg of 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl alcohol
  • Amylmetacresol
  • Orange flavouring
  • Pink Antho (E163)
  • Saccharin sodium (E954)
  • Tartaric Acid
  • Isomalt (E953)
  • Maltitol Syrup (E965)

How to Use

  • Consume one lozenge at a time orally.
  • Let the lozenge dissolve slowly in the mouth over time and do not chew the lozenge.
  • Consume a Strepsils Orange Lozenge every 2 - 3 hours.
  • More than 12 lozenges should not be consumed in a time span of 24 hours.

Safety Information

  • The lozenges should only be consumed by children over the age of 6 years and adults.
  • Store them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Follow the recommended dosage if using it under medical supervision.
  • Keep the lozenges out of the reach of children.


Q1. Do Strepsils Orange Lozenges eliminate the bacteria in the throat?

Ans: Yes, they are effective in eliminating bacteria and offering relief from throat ailments caused by the bacteria.

Q2. Do I require a prescription to purchase Strepsil Orange Lozenges?

Ans: No, Strepsil Orange Lozenges do not require a prescription to purchase them.

Q3. How does Dichlorobenzyl alcohol offer relief from throat infections?

Ans: Dichlorobenzyl alcohol is a mild antiseptic with a broad spectrum for bacteria and viruses associated with mouth and throat infections. The presence of Dichlorobenzyl alcohol in Strepsils helps in eliminating mild throat infections.

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