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Savlon Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid Bottle Of 100 Ml

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The Savlon antiseptic solution is a multipurpose formula and is a highly effective disinfectant. It is made from a well-balanced composition of cetrimide and chlorhexidine gluconate which have been known for their excellent germicidal properties. 

Savlon antiseptic is also effective in washing out dirt and debris from cuts and bruises and is, therefore, a handy product in every first aid kit. Moreover, Savlon has become quite the household name in Indian families and is highly recommended by doctors as well.


  • Savlon antiseptic disinfectant liquid can be used to heal wounds, cuts and bruises by diluting it in 1 part with 15 parts of clean water.
  • This antiseptic liquid can also be used as a disinfectant during shaving by diluting 2 spoons in a mug of water.
  • Moreover, Savlon can also be used in bathing water as it helps to reduce itchiness and irritation in the skin caused by prickly heat.
  • For washing and disinfecting clothes, Savlon antiseptic can be quite effective but it should be diluted by 1 spoon in half a litre of water.
  • This antiseptic solution contains cetrimide which has powerful sterilization properties and helps to cleanse the affected areas as well as prevent further infestation of germs.
  • It can also help to maintain cleanliness and hygiene on household surfaces like lavatories, sinks, drains, waste bins, dustbins, on floors, kitchen, bathroom and other hard surfaces.


  • Chlorhexidine Gluconate
  • Cetrimide


The Savlon antiseptic liquid has multiple clinical as well as household purposes.

How to Use

  • Read the instructions on the label to know the accurate dilution levels for each different purpose of the Savlon antiseptic disinfectant solution.
  • Use the required amount of Savlon and dilute it as per these instructions.
  • During use, ensure that it does not come in contact with the eyes.

Safety information

  • Store it in a cool place that is away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Check the expiry date before using it.
  • Do not accept the product if the seal is broken.
  • It is meant for external use only and cannot be consumed in any form.


Q1. Are there any side effects?

Ans: No, there are no side effects of cetrimide and chlorhexidine gluconate, unless you are specifically allergic to them.

Q2. What to do if it comes in contact with the eyes?

Ans: You need to rinse your eyes thoroughly with clean water and consult a doctor at the earliest.

Q3. Is it effective in pain relief?

Ans: Savlon will help heal wounds and injuries but it will not necessarily provide relief from pain.

Product Details
If the seal of the product is broken it will be non-returnable.

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