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Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms are lubricated condoms made of natural latex rubber material that makes them very easy and convenient to use. The condoms have a smooth surface that makes the sexual experience pleasurable and protects against pregnancy and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms pack comes in assorted flavours.


  • The Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms enhances the sexual experience.
  • Prevents the chances of getting pregnant.
  • They prevent sexually transmitted diseases and promote healthy and safe sex.
  • Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms do not irritate the skin due to the presence of natural rubber latex.


  • High-grade natural rubber latex
  • Flavour


  • Beneficial for a couple who do not want to get pregnant while having sex.
  • Makes sexual experience worry-free, with negligible chances of the spread of STDs.

How to Use

  • Tear open a packet of Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms.
  • Put it on the penis when it is erect.
  • Carefully roll it in an upward direction.
  • Follow the instruction label carefully while using it to avoid pregnancy and STDs.

Safety Information

  • Carefully read the label instructions before use.
  • Protect the Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms against direct sunlight.
  • Discontinue the use in the case of any discomfort or irritation and consult a physician.
  • Keep the condoms out of the reach of children.
  • Store the condoms away from any heat source in a cool and dry place.


Q 1. Are the Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms HIV prevention effective?
Ans: Yes, condoms are highly efficient against the spread of HIV or STDs when used as directed.

Q 2. Can Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms eliminate the chances of getting pregnant?
Ans: There isn't a 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy during sexual intercourse by using condoms. However, using Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms can significantly reduce the chances of pregnancy.

Q 3. Is it safer to use two of Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms at a time to eliminate the chances of getting pregnant?
Ans: No, using two condoms at once has higher chances of breaking during sexual intercourse. Hence, it is advised to use only one condom at a time.

Q 4. Do the Rilaco Carinio Multi-Coloured Condoms break easily?
Ans: No, when the condom is put on carefully and the instructions are followed as mentioned on the label, condoms are less likely to break.

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