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Cotton swabs come in handy for a number of reasons. LivEasy Essentials Bamboo Cotton Swabs are not regular run-of-the-mill swabs. These eco-friendly swabs have 100% pure cotton tips and can be used in many ways.

These buds can be used to gently remove ear wax, wipe off or apply make-up or even clean delicate household objects such as handicrafts. Since LivEasy Essentials Bamboo Cotton Swabs are completely natural and organic, these can be used to clean wounds and apply antiseptic lotion to injured skin. Furthermore, these swabs can also be used for oral care, pet care and for cleaning laptops and keyboards.

These cotton swabs are packaged carefully to ensure maximum hygiene. The packaging too is biodegradable, making LivEasy Essentials Bamboo Cotton Swabs absolutely environment-friendly.

Uses of LivEasy Essentials Bamboo Cotton Swabs:

  • Removal of earwax
  • Application or removal of make-up
  • Dabbing antiseptic lotion/cream to wounds
  • Oral care
  • Cleaning keyboards
  • Painting

Product specifications:

  • 100% natural cotton tips
  • Bamboo sticks, which are skin and environment-friendly
  • Careful packaging to help maintain hygiene
  • Produced in an automatic plant
  • Odourless swabs as no chemicals are used during their production

Safety information:

  • Secure the package after taking a cotton swab out
  • Sanitize your hands before handling the package
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets

Shelf life:

3 years from the date of manufacture

Frequently asked questions:

Q1: Are LivEasy Essentials Bamboo Cotton Swabs safe to use?
Ans: Yes, the swabs are completely organic since they are made of bamboo and pure cotton. The bamboo handle does not splinter and the sterilized cotton tips are skin-friendly.

Q2: Can I clean my ears with LivEasy Essentials Bamboo Cotton Swabs?
Ans: Yes, you can. But make sure you don’t prod the inside of your ears with the swab or it will push the wax deeper into your ears and may even rupture the eardrum. Gently wipe the sides of the ear canal with a cotton swab to extract the earwax.

Q3: Can I clean wounds with LivEasy Essentials Bamboo Cotton Swabs?
Ans: Yes, the cotton tips are sterilized and made with pure cotton fibers. No chemicals have been added to these swabs. Hence, you can safely use these swabs to clean any injury. You can even add a few drops of antiseptic lotion to the swab and apply that to your wound because touching the injury with your fingers might pass on germs to the open wound.

Q4: What are the most common uses of LivEasy Essentials Bamboo Cotton Swabs?
Ans: You can use these swabs for applying make-up, painting, cleaning delicate artwork, oral care, and wiping the dust off the nooks and corners of your keyboard.

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