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Kotex Overnight Panties -Periodwear For Sanitary Protection - S/M (4 Count)
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Kotex Overnight Panties -Periodwear For Sanitary Protection - S/M (4 Count)

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Kotex Overnight Panties are specially designed to provide 100% protection and comfort during medium and heavy period nights. These are manufactured with a unique breathable cottony-soft material that is exceptionally comfortable and soft on the intimate region. Kotex Overnight Panties combine regular underwear and a sanitary pad that provides worry-free period nights and prevents side or back leakage in any sleeping position. Along with all these benefits, it ensures 360-degree coverage and layer protection for stress-free nights and healthy, comfortable mornings. This product by Kotex covers the body like underwear but gives protection like a pad.


  • Provides 360-degree coverage during periods from complete protection.
  • Kotex Panties are a combination of underwear and a sanitary pad.
  • Incredibly soft on the skin and prevents rashes and redness.
  • Features a long absorbent core to prevent side, back or front leakage.
  • Formulated using cottony-soft material.
  • No added scent or perfumes can cause side effects.
  • Kotex Overnight Panties promote stress-free period nights.


  • The Kotex Panties are specially formulated with soft cottony material that maximizes comfort even during heavy flow nights.
  • It features a long absorbent core and 360-degree coverage that prevents any blood leakage or stains during unconscious movements.
  • Kotex Panties look exactly like regular underwear but work as a sanitary pad.
  • They contain no added scents that prevent multiple side effects such as skin irritation and redness.
  • These are designed to provide worry-free nights and happy, comfortable mornings.

How to Use

  • Open the newly packed Kotex Overnight Panties.
  • Position the blue-coloured waistband at the front.
  • Try it on like regular underwear and position it rightly.
  • Consider changing at regular intervals for maximum benefits.

Safety Information

  • Keep this product safe in a cool and dry place.
  • Please read the label before using it.
  • Use Kotex Overnight Panties only during periods.
  • Keep this product out of kids' reach.
  • Never reuse Kotex Overnight Panties as it may cause side effects.
  • Do not use the expired product as it might not show the desired results.


Q1. Is Kotex Overnight Panty comfortable during nights?

Ans: Yes, these are made with cotton-like material that is exceptionally comfortable on the skin and provides maximum protection.

Q2. Is there any need to use a pad with Kotex Overnight Panties?

Ans: Not at all, this product combines underwear and a pad; therefore, there's no need to use either of them with Kotex Overnight Panties.

Q3. Do Kotex Overnight Panties have any side effects?

Ans: No, there are recorded side effects of this product. Consider changing it at regular intervals for maximum comfort and protection.

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