Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup 200 Ml
Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup 200 Ml
Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup 200 Ml
Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup 200 Ml

Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup 200 Ml

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The Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup is a kind of concoction that includes naturally processed herbs and iron helpful for treating anaemia and iron deficiency in the human body. This is a completely herbal product that contains the extract of natural Berry, which provides nutritional benefits. It also improves one’s digestion power and helps in the natural absorption of nutrients from various food materials. This syrup does not disturb your bowel movement. This product is 100% natural and herbal with no added colour and fragrance. Also, this medicine is paraben and chemical-free and has no trails of Petroleum or Mineral oil. The Logen syrup from the Kerala Ayurveda Products range helps in boosting the haemoglobin levels in the blood. It also works on improving the appetite of an individual.


  • Promotes a good appetite.
  • Promotes liver health.
  • Contains vitamin C and iron.
  • High in folate, thus beneficial during pregnancy.
  • Facilitate better bowel movement.
  • Increases iron sellability in the small intestine.
  • Rich in ferrous sulfate, which boosts the production of haemoglobin.


  • Draksha
  • Annabedi/Kasisa
  • Sveta Sariva
  • Bilva
  • Shatavari
  • Khadira
  • Amalaki
  • Laksha


  • Mainly used for restoring the haemoglobin count in the blood.
  • Good for people suffering from anaemia and iron deficiency.
  • Helps in digestion and other stomach related issues.

How to Use

The Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup is recommended to be consumed 1 - 2 teaspoonful daily after food twice or as advised by the physician.

Safety Information

  • Read the label on the bottle of syrup before usage.
  • Keep it in a dry and cool place away from sunlight.
  • Keep it out of children's reach.
  • Do not consume more than the recommended dosage.
  • Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup’s dosage should be monitored and not taken in excess.


Q1. Is Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup sweet in taste?

Ans: Yes, this medicine has a sweet flavour that suits the taste buds and enhances bowel movement.

Q2. Does the Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup purify the blood?

Ans: Yes, this syrup helps in boosting the haemoglobin level in one’s body, thus helping in the blood purification process.

Q3. Is Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup meant for children as well?

Ans: No. Kerala Ayurveda Logen Syrup for kids is not advised.

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