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Jziki Prem Pulse Oximeter

Jziki Prem Pulse Oximeter

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The Jziki Prem Pulse Oximeter is a small and fast machine to measure oxygen saturation without any invasive process. Using light technology, the Jziki Prem Oximeter can accurately detect the oxygen levels in the blood via the user's fingertip within a few seconds while simultaneously also providing pulse rate measurements. With an easy to view display and no technical knowledge required, this pulse oximeter is a perfect tool to keep a track of your SpO2 levels while you are sick or recovering from illness/surgery.


  • The Jziki Prem Pulse Oximeter is small, portable, lightweight and convenient, making it especially useful for taking regular readings on the go, whether at work or home.
  • The new and improved design of this oximeter ensures precise and quick measurements of your blood oxygen saturation, as well as accurate pulse rate measurements.
  • The 3.5 OLED has adjustable brightness and can show results in all types of lighting conditions.
  • This pulse oximeter has an alarm that beeps when a low oxygen level is detected, it also shuts off automatically after 8 seconds of inactivity which conserves the battery life.


  • For checking oxygen saturation in the blood without using invasive procedures (such as blood tests).
  • For monitoring blood oxygen post-surgery or medical procedure.
  • For checking oxygen saturation in patients with lung and breathing-related diseases.
  • For taking pulse rate measurements.

How to Use

  • Insert 2 AAA batteries into the machine. Turn the machine on by pressing the button near the display.
  • Using clean hands, place your fingertips into the machine making sure it is over the sensor.
  • Wait a few seconds and note down the oxygen saturation as shown in percentage form on the display.

Safety Information

  • Check with your doctor what is an appropriate oxygen level for you.
  • Ensure the machine and sensor is dirt-free before starting the measurement process.
  • Store away from heat and sunlight.


Q1: What is the range of oxygen saturation covered by the machine?

Ans: The Jziki Prem Oximeter has a SpO2 resolution of 35% to 100%, and a pulse range of 20 bpm to 250 bpm.

Q2: What is the SpO2 reading accuracy?

Ans: This machine has been tested to have an accuracy of ± 2% for SpO2 readings between 70% and 100%.

Q3: Who is this meant for?

Ans: It is meant for people who have had surgery (especially lung-related surgery), those who have breathing-related medical conditions, those who have been affected by diseases which inhibit oxygen absorption, those with lung cancer or as suggested by your doctor.

Q4: Are the batteries included?

Ans: Yes, there are 2 AAA batteries included in the pack.

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