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Farex Multi Cereal Mixed Fruits Baby Food (10 Months +) Refill Of 300 G

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Farex Multi Cereal Mixed Fruits Baby Food is a delicious mix of textures and crunches that is the perfect addition to the baby's diet. The preparation is enriched with milk, fruits, fibres and essential nutrients that are requisite for the baby's growth and development. It is the most widely used daily nourishment formulation for babies above the age of 10 months.


  • Farex Multi Cereal Mixed Fruits Baby Food has crunchy elements that help in the exercise of the baby's jaws and facial muscles.
  • It contains zero preservatives and no artificial colours and flavours.
  • It is extremely easy to prepare since it already comprises milk.


Farex Multi Cereal Mixed Fruits Baby Food comprises milk solids, sucrose, wheat and rice flour, apple juice concentrate, orange crunch, strawberry crunch, corn crunch, orange powder, moong daal, tomato powder, soy oil, vitamins, minerals and taurine. It also contains soy lecithin as an emulsifier and mixed tocopherols as antioxidants.


  • Farex Baby Food is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that promote healthy height and weight development of the infant.
  • The iron, iodine and omega 3&4 fatty acids support DHA formation that strengthens the functioning of the brain.
  • The healthy grains and fruits present in it ensure a healthy and balanced diet for the baby.

How to Use

  • Clean your hands thoroughly or use gloves before preparing Farex Baby Food.
  • Use sterilized containers to avoid contamination.
  • Boil water and make it lukewarm.
  • Using a measuring cup pour the recommended amount prescribed by the paediatrician into the water.
  • Stir into consistency till the powder dissolves.
  • Use the baby feed within half an hour of preparation.

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  • Store it in an airtight container after opening the packet.
  • Do not go over the directed amount.
  • Discard the unused baby feed.


1. Can anything else be mixed with Farex Baby Food for variations?

Farex Baby Rice Cereal can be added to Farex Multi Cereal Mixed Fruits Baby Food to prepare porridge. Add banana and avocado for more nutrition.

2. Can adults eat Farex Baby Food?

Farex Multi Cereal Baby Food is specialized to benefit babies. Adults must not consume it.

3. How many times can I give Farex Multi Cereal Mixed Fruit Baby Food to my infant?

Farex Baby Food can be given to the baby two or three times a day, in recommended proportion.

4. Does Farex Multi Cereal Mixed Fruits Baby Food have any side effects?

Farex Multi Cereal Mixed Fruits Baby Food usually does not have any side effects. However, using it in large quantities may cause diarrhoea and vomiting. If any adverse symptom is experienced by the infant, Farex should be discontinued.

5. When to give Farex Baby Food to any baby?

Farex Baby Food must be given to the baby after or during milk feed initially. As the infant gets used to the food, it can be given at any time during the day.

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