Dynaplast Crepe Bandage 10cm

Dynaplast Crepe Bandage 10cm

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Johnson & Johnson Dynaplast Crepe Bandage is a soft and elastic compression bandage. These high-quality flesh coloured Crepe Bandages have fast edges and a highly elastic backing which provides superior compression and durability. The width of the bandage is just perfect for application on a wide variety of affected areas while also making it easy to store. The bandage is easy to wash and washing renews the elasticity of the material. The non-fraying soft edges allow it to be used comfortably for a long time, while the elastic material and reinforcement ensure a superior wrap and compression. The Dynaplast Crepe Bandage can be used to relieve muscle and joint pains, minor sprains, sporting injuries and even as an emergency covering for wounds or surgical dressing. Its dimensions make storage easy, making it a part of every household, school and workplace first-aid kit.


  • Lightweight, easily manageable and ideal sized bandage.
  • Easy to wrap with a comfortable fit.
  • Washing restores bandage elasticity.
  • Non-fraying fast edges for increased durability.
  • Easily washable.
  • Elastic material with reinforced backing for superior compression.
  • It is flesh coloured for a discreet wrap.
  • The small form factor for easy storage and access.


Johnson & Johnson Dynaplast Crepe Bandage is the perfect household compression bandage for regular use. The non-fraying fast edges and elastic material makes it ideal as a compression wrap that provides relief from muscular and joint pain, minor sprains, sports injuries and treatment of varicose veins. It can also be used as a quick and effective emergency covering for wounds and dressings after surgery.

How to Use

  • For pain relief, unroll the crepe bandage and wrap it in one direction on and around the area of pain, stretching the material to apply compression.
  • For joint pain and sprains, unroll and wrap around the affected joint, stretching the material to apply compression.
  • Once wrapped around, fix the loose end with the provided clip.
  • Wash it in lukewarm water if stained or appears dirty.
  • Lay-out on an even surface to dry.

Safety Information

  • Wash with lukewarm water.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not stretch for drying.
  • Keep it away from toddlers.
  • Keep it away from open flame.
  • Not to be used as rope or twine to preserve elasticity.


Q1. Is the crepe bandage medicated?

Ans: No, the Dynaplast Crepe Bandage is a compression wrap and is not medicated.

Q2. Is the crepe bandage adhesive?

Ans: No, the Dynaplast Crepe Bandage does not contain adhesive of any kind. It wraps using the elastic nature of the material. Once wrapped, the loose end can be fixed with the provided clip.

Q3. Can it be used as medical gauze?

Ans: Dynaplast Crepe Bandage is a compression bandage to treat pains and is not recommended to be used as a medical gauze for regular usage. However, in emergencies, if proper gauze is unavailable, it can be used as a substitute.

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