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Dr.Vaidya'S Weight Gain Pack | Helps With Weight Gain To Strengthen Immune System | Herbofit (30 Capsules X 1) Pachak Churna (50 G X 2) & Chakaash Toffees X 1

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A healthy weight is important for maintaining overall health. Dr Vaidya’s Weight Gain Pack is a combination of Ayurvedic medicines that help you gain and maintain a healthy weight naturally. This weight gain pack comprises three Ayurvedic medicines– Herbofit capsule, Pachak Churna and Ashwagandha Capsule. Herbofit capsule is a combination of extracts from 21 herbs used in Chyawanprash. These herbs help increase appetite, stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and enhance metabolism. It shows a rejuvenating effect due to powerful herbs such as Amla, Kesar, Lavang that help nourish tissues. All these actions can help you gain weight.

This all-natural pack is free from any known side effects when used as per the recommendations. Ayurvedic formulations work on different body systems to restore body physiology and give long-lasting effects.


  • Helps gain weight naturally through better metabolism, as per the feedback received from genuine Dr Vaidya’s Weight Gain Pack reviews.
  • Helps in better absorption of nutrients: Digestive herbs like Amla, Lavang improves digestion and help in better absorption of nutrients that ultimately supports weight gain naturally.
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified, approved plant.


Pachak: Sindhalun, Khadi Sakhar, Pipper, Sahajira, Taj, Amla and Sunthi.

HERBOfit: Amla Ghan, Jayfal Ghan, Jayantri Ghan, Elaichi Ghan, Elcha Ghan, Nagarmotha Ghan, Jatamansi Ghan, Lavang Ghan, Taj Ghan, Teipatra Ghan, Shahiira Ghan, Dhania Ghan, Talis Patra Ghan, Kapoor Kachli Ghan, Nirbhishi Ghan, Gulab Ghan, Mastaki Ghan, Agar Ghan, Tagar Ghan, Abrakh Bhasma, Kesar Powder, Excipients, Lubricants.

Chakaash - Amla Ghan, Elaichi Ghan, Lavang Ghan, Kesar Powder, Jayfal Ghan, Javantri Ghan, Elcha Ghan, Nagarmotha Ghan, Jatamansi Ghan, Taj Ghan, Tejpatra Ghan, Shahjira Ghan, Dhania Ghan, Talis Patra Ghan, Kapurkachli Ghan, Gulab Ghan, Mastaki Ghan, Tagar Ghan, Agar Ghan, Nirbhishi Ghan.


Helps in natural weight gain.

How to Use

  • Dosage (For age 10 and above).
  • Herbofit – 1 capsule daily after breakfast.
  • Pachak – 1 teaspoon daily after dinner.
  • Chakaash – 1-2 toffees a day.
  • Recommended Course: Minimum 3 months.

Safety information

Check product labels before use.


1. How much time will it take to gain weight?

The recommended course for Dr Vaidya’s Weight Gain Pack is 3 months and the minimum course is for 1 month.

2. Does Dr Vaidya’s Weight Gain Pack have any side effects?

No known side effects. Pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking the medicine.

3. What should be the ideal course to increase weight and in how many months can one see the results?

The recommended course is for 3 months and one usually starts to notice results after 1 month along with following a high-calorie diet and regular exercise routine.

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