Dr Morepen Bp One Bp 02 Bp Monitor
Dr Morepen Bp One Bp 02 Bp Monitor
Dr Morepen Bp One Bp 02 Bp Monitor
Dr Morepen Bp One Bp 02 Bp Monitor

Dr Morepen Bp One Bp 02 Bp Monitor

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A Bp Monitor is a medical device used for monitoring blood pressure. It can be easily used at home and gives precise results. This device detects accurate systolic and diastolic pressure for individuals as well as their heart rate frequencies. It is manufactured by the trusted brand of Dr Morepen and is preferred for clinical use. It is available widely in the market and the Dr Morepen Bp Monitor price is reasonable too.

The brand also manufactures Dr Morepen glucometer, Dr Morepen pulse oximeter, Dr Morepen nebulizer, Dr Morepen thermometer and more.

Key Benefits

· These are quick and user-friendly

· Gives accurate and reliable results

· Allows one-touch operation

· Can be set up without any hassle

· Has a large display screen

· Equipped with memory function

· Detects low battery

· Hypertension Indicator


Dr Morepen Bp One is a smart, compact blood pressure monitoring device. It is used to:

· Measures both diastolic and systolic pressure

· Measures pulse frequency

· Self-adjusting latex-free cuffs that fit arms of any size

· Detects irregular heartbeat

How to Use

· Remove tight fitted clothing from your left upper arm

· Wrap the cuff a little above the elbow in a way that the air tube runs down the inside of the arm and is aligned with your middle finger

· Press the start button to start the inflation

· Once the inflation stops, the measurement takes place

· Check the blood pressure and the pulse on the display of the monitor

Safety Information

· Read the user manual carefully

· Keep out of the reach of children

· Do not adjust medication on the basis of the readings

· Consult a physician and keep records of your readings for reference.


1. Is Dr Morepen Bp monitor accurate?

Ans. Yes, Dr Morepen is a verified brand and its smart inflation and irregular heartbeat detection make testing more accurate.

2. How long does Dr Morepen Bp monitor last?

Ans. Blood pressure machines usually last for about two or three years. After that, you must check it at your doctor's office annually to make sure it's still accurate.

3. Which is the best way to measure blood pressure?

Ans. It is best to measure your blood pressure from your left arm. However, you can use the other arm if your healthcare provider allows you to. Ideally, you should rest in a chair next to a table for 5 to 10 minutes and rest your left arm comfortably at heart level.

4.  What is the warranty of Dr Morepen Bp monitor?

Ans. Dr Morepen Bp monitor comes with a one year warranty.

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