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Buy Organic Foods Online at PharmEasy

Organic foods are naturally grown and considered free from harmful chemicals. Choosing organic food may also lessen exposure to hormones, synthetic chemicals, and bacteria with antibiotic resistance. So go ahead and include organic foods in your diet on a regular basis. PharmEasy offers you a wide range of organic food products across different brands. You can place your order online and purchase your suitable organic food products.

Why are organic foods important?

The demand for healthful food has skyrocketed in recent years. The way we eat has significantly changed as a result of the numerous behavioural modifications brought about by Covid-19 in each individual. People have been forced to reconsider how important "Food"—the most essential element of life—really is as a result of a growing understanding of the function that food plays in our everyday lives and its associated effects on our health.Here are some advantages of having organic food:1. Improved general health2. Has more antioxidants 3. Has a greater flavour4. A more robust immune system5. Environmentally conscious

Types of Organic Food

  • The primary types of organic food are as listed:
  • Organic Vegetables and Fruits
  • Organic Dairy Products
  • Organic Fish
  • Organic Meat

Top Organic Foods Brands and USPs

Listed here are some of the major organic food products brands in PharmEasy:Early foods mix: Organic Rice and Moong khichdi mix by Early foods is a porridge mix free of preservatives or artificial flavour. It also has no added milk, sodium or any refined sugar. It is easier to mix and makes for a simple healthy breakfast. Organic Chocolate drink by Early foods: Made with no preservatives, milk powder or artificial flavours, this ready-to-mix and drink is made with ragi and cocoa powder. Ragi is 10x richer in calcium than rice or wheat. It helps to develop super strong bones.

Frequently Asked Questions

question 1

Farmers who produce organic food are allowed to use natural insecticides. For instance, synthetic (man-made) pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers are not used in the production of organic foods, including vegetables, fruit, eggs, milk, and meat.

question 2

Some trending examples of organic drinks:Tulsi Iced TeaGinger chai recipesHealing buckwheat teaOrganic tiger nut beveragesPink grapefruit lemonade

question 3

According to studies, eating organic food results in minor to moderate nutritional increases. Certain antioxidants and flavonoids, which have antioxidant characteristics, may be present in higher concentrations in organic food.

question 4

  • Even though you might believe that organic juice is healthier than non-organic juice, both might still contain a lot of sugar; the only distinction is that the sugar in organic juice was cultivated. Check the ingredients list to understand this better.
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