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Ketostar Soap 50gm
Ketostar Soap 50gm
Ketostar Soap 50gm
Ketostar Soap 50gm
Ketostar Soap 50gm
Ketostar Soap 50gm
Ketostar Soap 50gm

Ketostar Soap 50gm

50g Soap in Box
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Medical Description

Ketostar is a medicated antifungal soap. It contains ketoconazole as an active ingredient. Ketoconazole works by inhibiting the synthesis of certain chemicals in fungi and thus inhibits their growth. Ketostar soap is a medicated soap, hence it should not be used for the regular purpose or in the absence of fungal infection. Do not share your soap with anyone as they can also pass from person to person through direct skin contact, clothes or contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. Use Ketostar soap as directed by the doctor.


Product Summary

Offer Price₹95.33
You Save₹13.00 (12% on MRP)
ContainsCetrimide(0.5 %W/W) + Ketoconazole(2.0 %W/W)
Usesfungal infection
Side effectsItching, irritation, redness
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Ketostar soap is used for the treatment of fungal infections.

Contraindications of KETOSTAR SOAP 50GM

If you are allergic to ketoconazole or any ingredient of Ketostar soap.

Side effects of KETOSTAR SOAP 50GM

  • Itching
  • Loss of hair
  • Peeling
  • Blistering
  • Irritation
  • Redness

Precautions and Warnings of KETOSTAR SOAP 50GM



Can I use Ketostar soap during pregnancy?
There is limited information regarding the safety of the usage of Ketostar soap on pregnant women. Hence, it should not be used until prescribed by the doctor.

Breast Feeding

Can I use Ketostar soap while breastfeeding?
There is limited information regarding the safety of the usage of Ketostar soap in lactating mothers. Hence, it is very important to consult the doctor before using this soap while breastfeeding. Avoid using it in areas near the breast in case it is prescribed.


Can I drive if I have used Ketostar soap?
Ketostar soap is applied topically on skin and thus less likely to affect individuals driving ability.


Can I consume alcohol if I have used Ketostar soap?
There is no known interaction known between alcohol and topical Ketoconazole.

Other General Warnings

Talk to your doctor if
  • You experience any skin allergies after the application of Ketostar soap.
  • You are using steroid-containing topical preparation (cream, powder, gel, etc.).
  • You have open wounds, cuts, burns or aberration on your skin.
  • Ketostar soap is not meant for use in children as their skin is sensitive and delicate.
  • Avoid using it for a prolonged duration and if there is not an improvement in your condition.

Directions for Use of KETOSTAR SOAP 50GM

  • Wet the affected area and apply Ketostar soap generously
  • Gently work up a lather using a circular motion
  • Rinse with water and repeat if desired
  • Avoid getting the soap in the mouth, eyes and nose

Storage and disposal of KETOSTAR SOAP 50GM

  • Store Ketostar soap at room temperature in a cool and dry place
  • Keep it out of the reach of children or pets

Quick Tips of KETOSTAR SOAP 50GM

  • Ketostar soap is a medicated soap used to treat fungal skin infections.
  • Use this soap daily as directed by your doctor or as indicated on the product label.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
  • If you experience any skin irritation or allergic reaction, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
  • Ketostar soap is a medicated soap, hence it should not be used for regular purposes or in the absence of fungal infection.
  • Do not share your soap with anyone as it can also pass from person to person.
  • Good hygiene is essential to prevent fungal infections. Keep your skin clean and dry, especially in areas prone to sweating.
  • Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen to prevent moisture buildup.



Excessive application of Ketostar soap may result in a burning sensation, redness of the skin or swelling. If you experience any unusual symptoms after the application of this soap, contact your docto...
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Missed a Dose

Since this a medicated soap, the missed application does not have much significance. Avoid missing application of Ketostar soap for best results and easy recovery from infection.

Mode of Action of KETOSTAR SOAP 50GM

How Does It Work?

The medicinal component of Ketostar soap is Ketoconazole. Ketoconazole is an antifungal medication and it works by inhibiting the formation of an important component of the fungal cell membrane. This ...
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Interactions of KETOSTAR SOAP 50GM

Interactions with other medicines

Ketostar soap is meant for topical application and thus, the interaction with other medicines taken orally is unlikely. However, it can interact with other medicines or products applied topically. Avo...
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Content Details


Dr. Mansi Savla

B. Pharm, PharmD


Dr. Ritu Budania

MBBS, MD (Pharmacology)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Can I use Ketostar soap on the face?

A: Yes, it can be used on the face. However, care should be taken that the soap does not go into the eyes, nose and mouth.

Q: Can I use Ketostar soap on the scalp for my dandruff?

A: Yes, Ketostar soap can be used to reduce the scaling, flaking and itching associated with dandruff.

Q: Can I use Ketostar soap in the vaginal area?

A: No, Ketostar soap should not be used in the vaginal area. The vaginal area is delicate and sensitive and soap can be harsh on that. Also, it is pH sensitive and this soap may alter it and affect the normal microbial flora.

Q: Can I use Ketostar soap for ringworm infection?

A: Yes, Ketostar soap can be used for ringworm infection on the body.

Q: Does Ketostar soap contain steroids?

A: No, Ketostar soap does not contain steroids. It contains Ketoconazole, an antifungal agent.

Q: How can we prevent fungal infections?

  • Fungal infections can be prevented by practising good hygiene.
  • Avoid sharing clothing, towels and undergarments.
  • Wear clean and fresh clothes and avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes.
  • After bathing or swimming, clean and dry the body using a fresh towel.
  • Avoid walking barefoot in public places and wash your feet after removing shoes.
  • Stay away from animals showing signs of fungal infection like loss of fur and itching.
  • Keep your nails trimmed and make sure you use clean nail accessories.
  • Before going for any foot treatment, please check if the instruments are sterilized.

Q: Can we use Ketostar soap regularly?

A: You can use this soap regularly but for the recommended duration only. If you do not feel any improvement even after a week of using this soap, inform the doctor. Do not use it continuously without consulting a doctor.

Q: Is Ketostar soap effective for acne?

A: No, it is not effective in acne. It is intended for skin fungal infection only. Do not use it for any other skin condition, other than what it is prescribed for.

Q: What is the use of Ketostar soap?

A: Ketostar soap is a medicated soap used to treat fungal infections.
Last Updated on: 2 May 2023 | 6:32 PM (IST)

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