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Liveasy Ortho Care Acupressure Slippers - Men (Black) Size 7

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Acupressure has been helping soothe aches and pains since ancient times, using pressure at various points across the body to stimulate the energy pulsing through it. This alternative medicine technique is utilised to its maximum in the LivEasy Ortho Care Acupressure Slippers for Men.

Some medical studies have shown that some kinds of acupressure treatments and procedures help to lower nausea, as well as provide relief from back pain, headaches and stomach aches.

With the LivEasy Ortho Care Acupressure Slippers, you can now have the benefits of acupressure with you wherever you go! With pressure points covering the soles of the slippers, every step you take is like a mini acupressure massage on your feet. Additionally, the LivEasy Ortho Care Acupressure Slippers for Men come in 6 different sizes so that you have the perfect fit no matter your foot size.

Key benefits:

  • Soothing relief from foot pain just from walking around
  • Each step you take helps boost your blood circulation
  • Regular walks in these ortho slippers may help relieve chronic pains
  • Provides relaxation of muscular strain when used after heavy physical activity
  • In some cases, it may help to induce better sleep by relaxing the nerves

Product Features:

  • Made from high quality, durable polymers to last long
  • Almost total coverage on the soles with pressure points
  • Each pressure point is carefully designed to provide just the right amount of force without being too hard or too soft
  • It requires no batteries or electricity, it works simply by utilising your body's weight as you walk
  • The lightweight allows it to be carried and worn anywhere, even at work
  • No side effects have been observed

Product Uses:

LivEasy Ortho Care Acupressure Slippers (Men) can ease -

  • Restless leg syndrome and foot pain
  • Body aches and muscle tension
  • Improving relaxation and reducing overall mental stress
  • Helpful for people with high blood pressure

Safety Precautions:

  • Avoid using these slippers in the shower.
  • If you experience any adverse symptoms from wearing these slippers for long periods, stop using them immediately and contact your doctor.

Product Care Instructions:

Ensure that you have a proper fit and size match, or you may not be able to enjoy all the benefits.


Q1: Can LivEasy Ortho Care Acupressure Slippers (Men) resolve high blood pressure?
Ans: The LivEasy Acupressure Slippers for men are a therapeutic solution, not a medical treatment. It can aid and support your blood pressure medication by giving you mild and constant relaxation with its gentle massaging pressure.

Q2: How exactly can it help with sleep?
Ans: Acupressure bears a lot of similarities and benefits with massaging. These stimulate and relax the muscles in the body, which in turn leads to lowering of stress and relaxation of the mental state. Our feet go through tremendous forces all day long by carrying our entire weight, and these slippers help soften and relax the tension, which aids in sleeping better.

Q3: Will these slippers fit me well?
Ans: To ensure the best fit and all-round benefits for all shapes and sizes of feet, the LivEasy Ortho Care Acupressure Slippers for Men come in 6 different sizes (UK - 5,6,7,8,9,10). You can see which one suits you best.

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