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Kotex Overnight Panties -Periodwear For Sanitary Protection - M/L (4 Count)
Kotex Overnight Panties -Periodwear For Sanitary Protection - M/L (4 Count)
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Kotex Overnight Panties -Periodwear For Sanitary Protection - M/L (4 Count)

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Kotex’s new and innovative Kotex Overnight Panties keep you dry and worry-free throughout the night in any sleeping position. Now, even during your period, you can sleep comfortably and peacefully without worrying about stains. Kotex Overnight Panties combine a sanitary pad and a panty into one and the three-dimensional shape adapts fully to your body, preventing side and back leakage.

Kotex Overnight Panties are made of breathable cottony-soft material, ensuring that your period nights are as pleasant as any other day. During times of heavy flow, Kotex sanitary panties provide a generous layer of required protection.


  • These Kotex Overnight super-absorbent hygienic period wear panties are a sanitary and convenient option.
  • They are suitable for heavy and light flow and provide full leakage protection.
  • 360-degree coverage for total protection.
  • A long absorbent core with a flexible three-dimensional design fits the body well and helps avoid side and back leaks.
  • A panty-like fit conveniently combines the functions of a panty and a sanitary napkin.
  • These panties are made from breathable cotton for added comfort.
  • Their ultra-absorbent core provides complete protection, while the panty-like fit minimises the possibility of discomfort.
  • Prevents rashes.


  • The Kotex sanitary protection is specially designed with night pads that provide 360-degree anti-leakage protection.
  • You can now sleep peacefully and comfortably throughout your period.

How to Use

  • The blue waistband of the panties should be worn in the front.
  • You don't need to wear another pair of panties except for the Kotex Overnight Panties.
  • You can wear it in the same manner as normal underwear.


Q 1. When does one need to wear Kotex Overnight Panties?
Ans. Overnight Panties from Kotex are designed specifically for high flow nights, typically the first two nights of the period.

Q 2. Is it necessary to wear underwear or a pad when using Kotex Overnight Panties?
Ans. No, Kotex Overnight Panties combine a pad and a panty into one ultra-absorbent period wear.

Q 3. How can you determine the appropriate size?
Ans. If your waist is between 52cm and 90cm, use an S-M size. If your waist is between 60cm and 100cm, choose a size M-L.

Q 4. How many Kotex Overnight Panties could you need in one night?
Ans. Usually just one because of its highly absorbent core and panty-like fit, you can sleep through the night without worrying about stains, leaking or changing.

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