Head & Shoulders Supreme Scalp Rejuvenation Shampoo - 180ml

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Many people suffer from dry scalp. Not only does it tend to make the hair look frizzy and unhealthy, but it also increases the chance of dandruff and breakage. This is why Head & Shoulders Supreme Scalp Rejuvenation Shampoo is great, it can help prevent several possible hair problems and keep your dry hair in better shape and health. The shampoo contains Argan oil that improves the quality, health and appearance of your hair. Its easy usage and proven benefits make the shampoo great for regular use.


  • Get healthy-looking hair that looks well-nourished and moisturised from root to tip.
  • Enjoy a healthy scalp that is hydrated and dandruff-free.
  • Flaunt hair that looks shinier and is easy to manage and style.


  • Argan
  • Argan oil
  • Aqua
  • Zinc Carbonate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Glycerin
  • Cetyl Alcohol
  • Linalool
  • Sodium Benzoate


  • The shampoo offers a mild cleansing experience.
  • It is perfect for a rejuvenating and revitalising hair care experience.
  • Argan oil helps nourish from the roots to the tip.
  • This is a great solution for dandruff care.
  • Offering more nourishment to a dry scalp, this is the perfect solution to keep your scalp clean and healthy.

How to Use

  • Shake the shampoo bottle well.
  • Wet the hair properly.
  • Take a portion of the shampoo on the hands and massage it onto the scalp.
  • Rinse the hair and repeat if necessary.
  • Follow the shampoo with Head & Shoulders Supreme Scalp Rejuvenation Conditioner for best results.

Safety Information

  • Prevent contact with the eyes.
  • Wash the eyes thoroughly using cold water if the shampoo goes in.
  • Keep it away from the reach of children.
  • Consult your doctor before using it for kids.


Q1. Is the Head & Shoulders Supreme Scalp Rejuvenation shampoo paraben-free?

Ans: No, it is not paraben-free.

Q2. Is Head & Shoulders Supreme Scalp Rejuvenation shampoo suitable for men and women?

Ans: Yes, both men and women can use this.

Q3. Does the shampoo control hair fall?

Ans: It helps protect dry hair and strengthens it, preventing hair fall.

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