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Dettol Laundry Sanitizer -Suitable For All Fabrics (Fresh Linen, 480ml)

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Who doesn’t want their clothes to be germ-free and hygienic? The latest technology After Detergent Wash Liquid Laundry Sanitizer by Dettol is specially made to make your clothes clean and fresh. Our clothes are in direct contact with germs and disease-causing pathogens. Even when you wash your clothes, these germs transfer between them, break down the sweat molecules and give out a foul smell. The Dettol After Detergent Wash Liquid Laundry Sanitizer removes these germs and makes your clothes completely clean. Dettol uses high-quality ingredients in its laundry sanitizer to make it safe for the skin.


  • Recommended by Indian Medical Association (IMA).
  • Bleach free and dermatologically tested.
  • Removes odour-causing germs better than ordinary detergent.
  • Keeps your clothes fragrant.
  • Can be used on different types of clothes.
  • Safe on clothes.
  • Can be used in cold and hot water.
  • Provides effective protection to your clothes.
  • Ideal for machine wash as well as a hand wash.


  • Chlorides/Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
  • Di-C 8-10-Alkyl Dimethyl
  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
  • Chlorides
  • Benzyl C-12-18 Alkyldimethyl


  • Eliminates bacteria from the clothes.
  • Can be used as cloth conditioners.
  • Makes your clothes hygienic.
  • Keeps laundry fresh.

How to Use

  • For soaking your clothes, in 4 litres of water, add ½ capful of Dettol After Detergent Wash Liquid Laundry Sanitizer. Leave the clothes for ten minutes.
  • For machine wash, in the softener compartment, add 2 capfuls of it when adding detergent.
  • For hand wash, after washing your clothes, pour ½ capful of it. Soak the clothes for not more than ten minutes.

Safety Information

  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Read the label before use.
  • Do not use it if it is expired.
  • Keep it away from fire.


Q1. Can I use the After Detergent Wash Liquid Laundry Sanitizer for winter clothes?

Ans: Yes, the After Detergent Wash Liquid Laundry Sanitizer can be used with every fabric. It is suitable for winter clothes, sports costumes, workwear and also your everyday clothes.

Q2. Is the Dettol After Detergent Wash Liquid Laundry Sanitizer safe to use?

Ans: Yes, the Dettol products are safe to use. Its Dettol After Detergent Wash Liquid Laundry Sanitizer is gentle on clothes.

Q3. Will the clothes lose their colour after soaking Dettol After Detergent Wash Liquid Laundry Sanitizer?

Ans: No, after using the Dettol After Detergent Liquid Laundry Sanitizer, clothes will not lose their colours.

Q4. Other than fresh linen, what is the other option?

Ans: Other than fresh linen, Dettol After Detergent Wash Liquid Laundry Sanitizer is available in Spring Blossom fragrance.

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