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Chicnutrix Happee - Uti Management - Cranberry, Ursolia & D-mannose - 20 Effervescents
Chicnutrix Happee - Uti Management - Cranberry, Ursolia & D-mannose - 20 Effervescents

Chicnutrix Happee - Uti Management - Cranberry, Ursolia & D-mannose - 20 Effervescents

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Urinary tract infections (UTI) are more common in women, especially pregnant women. Over 50% of women will experience a UTI at least once during their lifetime, with 20% to 30% experiencing recurrent UTIs.

Chicnutrix Happee is a Natural UTI MAnagement Supplement with triple action formula that contains natural ingredients like Cranberry Extracts, Ursolia and D-Mannose. The combination relieves the pain, cleanses and protects the urinary tract and resists the bacterias causing infections and also prevents the recurrent UTI.

Benefits :

  • Relieves : Ursolia is a novel ingredient from natural sage leaf extract rich in ursolic acid which is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient to combine with Cranberry in the treatment and prevention of UTI.Ursolic acid complements this effect by its anti-inflammatory effect on the urinary tract. UTIs are painful as the bacteria causes damage to the surface layer of the urinary bladder but ursolic acid helps in regenerating and keeping the injured urothelium(surface layer of urinary bladder walls) in good condition. It reduces and prevents the inflammatory symptoms which helps relieve pain caused by UTI.
  • Cleanse and protect : Exocyan is proprietary Cranberry extracts present in the Chicnutrix Happee which is rich in 50%Proanthocyanidins A, also called PAC. This is the only product containing the 50% of PACs.PAC is a flavonoid that acts as antioxidants in cranberry extracts which helps cleanse and protect the urinary tract by preventing Escherichia coli, that is the bacteria causing UTI, from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. Bacteria attach to the cells with hair-like structures (fimbriae). PACs prevent these structures from attaching to the wall of the urinary tract. Bacteria can then be safely flushed from the body during urination.
  • Resist : D- Mannose is a simple sugar that is naturally produced by the body but in small amounts. When D-mannose is consumed by an individual with UTI, it is absorbed very slowly during digestion and is not readily converted to glycogen, like other sugars, for storage in the body. It passes directly into the bloodstream and is not stored in the body, so worry not, this aint going to make you gain weight.

Key Points :

  • The triple action formula of proprietary cranberry extracts, D-mannose and ursolia protects and cleanses the urinary tract, relieves the pain caused by UTI and resists the bacteria from causing recurrent UTI.
  • Chicnutrix Happee has no bacterial resistance, and hence can be used regularly to prevent recurrent UTIs.
  • They are made with all natural ingredients
  • It doesn’t interfere in blood circulation, hence is safe to consume by diabetic and pregnant women
  • Made with Swiss Effervescent Technology, its gentle on stomach, absorbs faster and has increased bioavailability.
  • The ingredients are clinically proven.
  • It is available in yummylicious strawberry flavor
  • Just pop one tablet a day, fizz and drink
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