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What are Ayurvedic Care Products

Ayurveda has often been considered a lost art and science of a bygone era. However, some of the most prominent Indian medicinal and wellness product manufacturers have resurrected this ancient science and crafted some particularly potent healthcare and wellness products. Ayurvedic care products are healthcare and general wellness products that use traditional Ayurvedic concoction formulas and ingredients to help deal with ailments in a more holistic and natural way.

What are Ayurvedic Care Products used for

Ayurvedic care products are formulated from a collection of more than 600 herbal formulas and 250 unique plant remedies. Ayurvedic care products can often act as a supplement to western medicinal treatment when it comes to controlling chronic ailments like cholesterol and diabetes.

Types of Ayurvedic Care Products

  • Personal Care: For the improvement of gastrointestinal functioning, skincare, haircare, and other personal needs, there are quite a few effective ayurvedic products available in this category. Moreover, most of these products are vegan as well.
  • Health Drinks: Juices, syrups, and sharbat are part of the arsenal of ayurvedic health drinks available in this category. These can be used by both children and adults alike, albeit on prior medical advice.
  • Herbs: Several herbal concoctions are available in the form of ayurvedic care products and these are generally in the form of pills or capsules used to boost immunity, relieve bodily aches, and help in the revitalisation of the organs.
  • Health Care: Ayurvedic health care products help in relieving physical ailments like joint pains, gastrointestinal problems, as well as provide a safe and healthy means of weight management and nutrition supplementation.
  • Sexual Wellness: Since sexual wellness has been a topic of study in ancient India, there are quite a few ayurvedic formulas that help increase vigour and endurance when engaging in sexual pleasures.
  • Food Supplements & Immunity: Apart from all these types of ayurvedic care products, there are also some of the more general wellness products that serve as effective dietary supplements. These products have also been seen to enhance the strength of the immune system in children and adults.

Top Ayurvedic Care Brands & USPs

Some of the most popular ayurvedic care brands that are available are Himalaya, Zandu, Dabur, Everherb, Baidyanath, and Kapiva. Some of these brands like Dabur have been selling in India for more than 130 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects of exceeding the recommended dosages of ayurvedic care products?

Yes, there are always side effects of overconsumption and you should consult with a doctor beforehand.

When do I start using ayurvedic care products?

If you think you prefer a more holistic and natural method of treatment, then you can start using ayurvedic care products.

Why do people use ayurvedic care products?

This is because these products not only help manage symptoms but also help recovery from illnesses as well as detoxify your body in the process.

What’s the biggest benefit of using ayurvedic care products?

Ayurvedic care products can be used lifelong as there are no strong chemicals in them.
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