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Huggies Dry Pants Extra Large Size Diapers (5 Count)

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Huggies Dry Pants Diaper is India’s first diaper pants that have the unique Bubble-Bead technology. This diaper will keep your baby comfortable and dry all night long.

The powerful 3-D bubble bed lines the inner layer of the Huggies diaper. This layer is cotton soft and feels like a cushion against your baby’s bottom. The high absorbency rate quickly absorbs the pee and liquid waste. It has a wetness indicator that helps parents in changing the Huggies diaper at the right time. The snug pant-like fit ensures that there is no side leakage of any fluid. With Huggies Dry Pants Diaper, your baby can have a dry sleep all night long.


  • Huggies Dry Pants Diaper has an air fresh top cover that allows unrestricted airflow to keep your baby’s bottom fresh.
  • A robust extra dry layer ensures the absorption of wetness for up to 12 hours.
  • It keeps your baby dry and comfortable.
  • 3-D bubble bed that is cottony soft and gentle on your baby’s bottom.
  • Changes colour to indicate that the diaper needs to be changed.
  • The quick absorption rate and double-leak guard ensures that no fluid leaks from the side.
  • Easy to wear and remove.
  • Pant-like fit that feels like an undergarment.


  • To absorb pee and waste.
  • To provide your child with dry sleep.

How to Use

  • Take a new Huggies Dry Pants Diaper and pull it over your child's bottom like a pant.
  • Follow front and back directions on the diaper.
  • Secure the elastic band snugly around your baby.
  • Remove the diaper by tearing of the sides and pulling down the diaper pant.
  • Wrap the soiled diaper in paper and throw it in the dustbin.

Safety Information

  • Store it in a cool, hygienic and dry place.
  • Stop using Huggies Dry Pants Diaper if there is any sign of rash or allergy.
  • Do not try to flush the diaper as it can clog the drain.


Q1. Are Huggies Dry Pants Diapers Safe for babies?

Ans. Yes, Huggies diapers are entirely safe for babies.

Q2. What is a 3-D Bubble-bead?

Ans. 3-D Bubble bead is a highly soft inner layer that feels like a bed against your baby's bottom. It maximises absorption and distributes it evenly.

Q3. Will these diapers keep the baby dry overnight?

Ans. Yes, the fast absorbency rate of the Huggies diapers will keep your baby dry up to 12 hours, ensuring a sound sleep at night.

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