Farex Wheat Rice Baby Food (8 Months+) Refill Of 300 G

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Farex Wheat Rice Baby Food (8 Months+) is fruit-flavoured baby food for infants aged 8 months and above. The formula is made for the dietary needs of a growing baby during the early stages of growth and brain development. In addition to staple energy and protein content, it also contains essential micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and fatty acids) that ensure complete fulfilment of infant nutritional needs. The product comes in a delicious Farex wheat apple flavour, making sure that it is not just super healthy, but super tasty too.


  • Includes necessary protein and energy content and 21 essential micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) for robust growth.
  • Contains essential proteins, minerals and fatty acids including Iodine, Iron, Taurine, Choline, Inositol and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for brain development.
  • Includes grains and fruits in a delicious wheat apple flavour that helps the baby develop long-term healthy eating habits.
  • Has a variety of textures that support the developing mouth and jaw muscles of the baby while keeping the formula easily digestible.
  • Contains no preservatives and no artificial flavours or colours.


  • Milk solids (41%)
  • Wheat flour (36.7%)
  • Sucrose
  • Orange juice powder (3.8%)
  • Soy oil
  • Orange crunch (1.5%)
  • Apple juice concentrate (1.4%)
  • Rice flour (0.9%)
  • Minerals
  • Corn crunch (0.5%)
  • Vitamins
  • Emulsifier (soy lecithin)
  • Taurine
  • Antioxidant (Mixed Tocopherols)


Farex Wheat Rice Baby Food is a complete baby food formula designed to provide essential macro and micronutrients to growing infants for all-around physical and mental development. It is recommended to slowly wean infants off breast milk starting 6-8 months after birth and this product is the perfect formula for this age. It supplements the essential dietary requirements along with breast milk and provides the foundation for the transition to solid food formula for later ages.

How to Use

  • Boil drinking water for 5 minutes and leave it covered till lukewarm.
  • Pour the required quantity of lukewarm water into a bowl.
  • Add the recommended quantity of Farex Wheat Rice Baby Food into it.
  • Stir continuously till you get a smooth lump-free pap.
  • Feed the baby with a clean spoon in small amounts at a time.

Safety Information

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • After opening the pack, transfer the contents immediately to a clean and dry airtight container.
  • Use the product within one month of opening the pack or before the expiration date, whichever is earlier.
  • Thoroughly clean every utensil to be used for feeding the baby.


1. Do I need to add milk to baby food?

Farex Wheat Rice Baby Food formula already contains recommended measures of milk, so you do not need to add milk further. Simply add lukewarm water to prepare the food.

2. How much of this product does the baby need to have?

Farex Wheat Rice Baby Food product packaging includes a complete detailed chart on recommended consumption. Please consult a paediatrician for any specific requirements.

3. How long should the baby have this product?

This formula is recommended at least up to 10 months of age.

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