Moods Dotted Box Of 10 Condoms

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The Moods Dotted Box Of 10 Condoms is made using natural latex material to give you the utmost comfort. Also, they are dermatologically tested to keep you safe during your intimate sexual interactions. These dotted condoms create irresistible friction that gives intense satisfaction. Each dotted condom has a length of 180 mm (standard size) and a width of 53 + 2 mm. Moods Dotted Box Of 10 Condoms can avoid spillovers during intimate moments.


  • The Moods Dotted Box Of 10 Condoms is tested dermatologically and they offer comfort and safety during sexual interactions.
  • All the condoms are made of premium quality natural latex and every condom includes a precise level of lubrication which gives more pleasure and makes it smooth.
  • The condoms have unique moulded dots which are logically set all over the surface.
  • The condoms also have reservoir tips that help in deterring any leakage during your intimate intercourse.
  • The Moods Dotted Box Of 10 Condoms are pre-lubricated and the dotted surface generates friction which can boost pleasure.


  • Latex


  • The Moods Dotted Box Of 10 Condoms uses prevent leakage during sexual intercourse, protect from STIs and create more friction.
  • Also, these condoms ensure overall safety and ultimate comfort while having intimate interactions.

How to Use

  • Before any sexual activity, put on this condom on the erect genital.
  • Make sure to pinch the edge of the condom to discharge any air trapped inside.
  • Squeeze the end using one hand and put this condom on the genital by rolling it with the other hand.

Safety Information

  • Before using the Moods Dotted Box Of 10 Condoms, read the instructions on the label or packet.
  • If the condom rolls out during sexual interaction, avoid putting on the same condom again.


Q 1. What is the rolling direction and how to remove the Moods Dotted Condoms?

Ans. The rolling direction of the condom should be on the outside. After the sexual intercourse is over, grab the condom with a firm grip and peel it carefully to prevent any leakage.

Q 2. Are these condoms available in other quantities?

Ans. Yes, the above packet contains 10 condoms and this pack is also available in 3 condoms, 20 condoms, 22  condoms and more.

Q 3. Are there any side effects of using these condoms?

Ans. No, there are no known side effects of using Moods Dotted Box Of 10 Condoms. But, if a person is allergic or sensitive to latex, he might suffer from skin irritation, contact dermatitis and more.

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