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Protinex Lite Vanilla Nutrition Drink Tin Of 400 G

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Often we miss out on the vital nutrients in our daily meals and it is important to have a supplement that helps meet the nutrient needs of our body. With more than 60 years of experience, the brand of Danone has successfully brought Protinex to the market, partnering with Indian Adults in their nutrition journey. It offers you a healthy life and provides you energy to carry out your chores smoothly. The 26 essential vitamins, minerals and immune nutrients present in it boost your immunity. It has zero trans-fats and zero added sugar.

Compared to other regular milk food drinks available in the market, Protinex Lite is highly beneficial. You can try the delicious Protinex Tasty Chocolate Nutrition Drink. Protinex Lite is an ideal drink in vanilla flavour and the best choice for those who are looking for an active, well-balanced lifestyle and weight management.

Key Benefits

· Protinex Lite helps in diabetes management.

· It has high fibre and has a low Gl (Glycaemic Index).

· It is a 100 percent vegetarian source of protein.

· It improves overall health.

· It strengthens bones and contributes to blood cell formation.

· Gets digested easily and helps in 50 percent faster absorption of protein.


· Growth and maintenance of healthy muscle mass.

· Helps in weight management.

· Vitamin B1 & B2 enhances metabolism.

· Vitamin A,C,D,E,B12 boosts immunity.

· Folate keeps away tiredness and fatigue.

How to Use

· Add 2-3 full tablespoon of Protinex Lite powder in lukewarm or cold milk or water

· Mix properly before drinking

· Drink one or two glasses per day

Safety Information

· Store in a cool and dry place

· Keep away from direct sunlight or heat

· Keep out of the reach of children

· Consult a doctor to know about the quantity you must consume

· Always check the expiry date on Protinex Lite Vanilla Nutrition Drink Tin


Q1. Can beginners try Protinex Lite Vanilla Nutrition Drink?

Ans. Yes, Protinex Lite Vanilla Nutrition Drink is safe and can be consumed by beginners.

Q2. How will I know if the protein powder is authentic?

Ans. If the product is authentic, there will be a seal on the tin container. Check if it has proper edges and it should be uniformly attached.

Q3. Can the would-be mothers have Protinex?

Ans. Yes, Protinex Mama is made to provide nutrition to the unborn child through the mother's body.

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If the seal of the product is broken it will be non-returnable.

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