Andme Sanitary Night Pads For Women - 10
Andme Sanitary Night Pads For Women - 10
Andme Sanitary Night Pads For Women - 10
Andme Sanitary Night Pads For Women - 10
Andme Sanitary Night Pads For Women - 10
Andme Sanitary Night Pads For Women - 10

Andme Sanitary Night Pads For Women - 10

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AndMe Sanitary Night Pads for Women are authentically Indian and offer complete protection during heavy flow. These pads come with a feather-soft air-laid comfort cover for a rash-free period experience. The extra absorbent gel sheet can quickly absorb the discharge, leaving you with a fresh and dry feeling. The pack contains 10 units of pads and a disposal cover for the hygienic disposal of the used pads. The pads are free of toxins and odour. They also have an extended back which provides a comfortable fit and makes them completely suitable for overnight usage.


  • Polymer
  • Disposable Fabric
  • Paper
  • Adhesive


  • Each pad comes with 6 layers of absorbent sheets for complete protection during heavy menstrual flow.
  • AndMe Sanitary Night Pads are free of all kinds of toxins, odours or fragrances, which means no risk of vaginal infections.
  • The world-class ADL technology means quick absorption and a dry feeling.
  • The top layer is soft as a feather to provide a rash-free experience.
  • The extended back provides a secure fit and avoids leakage during the night.
  • Delicate top sheet with extra absorbent gel keeps one feeling fresh without harming the sensitive skin.
  • The biodegradable paper packaging and advanced polymer used in the pads makes it an eco-friendly product too.


  • Provides superior protection during heavy menstrual flow.
  • Helps avoid leakage during nights with an extended back.
  • Absorbs the discharge quickly to offer a dry and fresh feeling.
  • Offers rash-free comfort for sensitive skin.

How to Use

  • Open the packet and take an AndMe Sanitary Night Pad out.
  • Remove the outer cover and peel off the paper strip attached at the back of the pad.
  • Stick the pad on the crotch of your panty and press firmly.
  • Peel off the paper strip from the wings and fold them around the sides of your panty.
  • Press them firmly and wear the panties comfortably.
  • After usage, undo the wings and safely peel off the pad from your panty.
  • Wrap the used pad in the disposal cover properly and throw it in a dustbin.
  • To maintain proper vaginal hygiene, it is recommended to change pads after every 5-6 hours.

Safety Information

  • Read the label carefully to check for ingredients that are known to cause allergies.
  • Do not flush the used pads. It can clog toilets or drains.
  • To avoid infections, wash your vaginal area using clinically proven products.
  • In case of itching or irritation in or around your vaginal area, stop the use of AndMe Sanitary Night Pads and consult a doctor immediately.
  • Avoid using more than one pad at a time. This can increase the risk of infection. Use only one pad and change it as often as required.


Q 1. Is it safe to use AndMe Sanitary Night Pads?
Yes, the AndMe Sanitary Night Pads are completely safe. They are free of toxins, odours and fragrances of all kinds.

Q 2. Are AndMe Sanitary Night Pads biodegradable?
No pad is fully biodegradable. However, AndMe Sanitary Night Pads use an advanced polymer with biodegradable paper packaging to reduce the use of plastic.

Q 3. Can one use AndMe Sanitary Night Pads in pregnancy?
The pads are toxin-free and completely safe for use during heavy menstrual flow. However, it is better to consult your doctor before using them during pregnancy.

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