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Insightful resource!

Ashir Sahal

Thank you, glad you liked it.

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Ease Diabetes With PharmEasy – Join This Community To Manage Diabetes Better!

By Dr. Nikita Toshi +2 more

Hello everyone! This community is the first of its kind for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. When your doctor tells you that you have diabetes, it is natural to experience some anxiety about this. But trust us when we say that if you learn to manage diabetes, you don’t have anything to fear and that is why we are here. You don’t have to struggle against diabetes alone, we are here to help – to hold your hand and offer you guidance, answer all your queries and clear your doubts so that you can manage this health condition successfully and live an anxiety-free life.

Get all your Diabetes queries answered by Experts

Join this group now to receive 100% accurate information about diabetes that is verified by diabetologists, doctors and certified diabetes educators and nutritionists. In this community, you will find answers to all your pressing diabetes-linked questions. What should be your ideal blood sugar levels? Does diabetes ever go away? What other health conditions does diabetes trigger? How can you prevent further healthcare complications? What lifestyle changes are recommended? Whatever questions you have, you can reach out to our diabetes experts. They will help you understand diabetes better to manage it better.

It is a private community where you can post your queries without revealing your identity. So no more hesitation, go ahead and ask anything related to your health and diabetes and our experts will help you.

HbA1c is your average blood glucose (sugar) level for the last two to three months. If you have diabetes, an ideal HbA1c level is 6.5% or below, regular monitoring of HbA1c with blood glucose levels is very essential.

Dr. Ashish Bajaj – M.B.B.S, M.D.

Debunk Diabetes diet myths with Nutritionists

One of the most crucial aspects of diabetes management is diet. Unfortunately, a lot of myths prevail about what kind of meals are ideal for people with high blood sugar. Do you have to give up your beloved laddus and jalebis? Does this mean no more aloo ka paratha? What about your beloved oh-so-sweet fruits like apples and bananas? The good news is, diabetes does not mean a lifetime of bland food. Get free diet tips from diabetes nutrition experts on becoming a part of this community. With these expert tips, you can keep your blood sugar levels in check without setting unrealistic and unattainable dietary goals.

Stretch (yoga) your way to better health! 

Another successful way to keep blood sugar levels in check is through exercise. Exercise lowers blood sugar levels and boosts the health of all your organs. How much exercise do you need a day and what kind of exercise will suit you? Our diabetologists are here to equip you with all the right information. One form of exercise that not only helps with diabetes management but also alleviates stress and anxiety is yoga. We have absolutely free live yoga sessions for our community members every day. Join this group to participate in live yoga sessions every day!

Click here to Join Now

Emphasize your mental health too

If constant worrying about your health is taking a toll, we are here to give you advice on how to improve your mental health because we know that if your mind is not fit, then you can’t strive to make your body healthy. Post your queries on mental health-related issues, stress management and we are there to help.

Who should join this Facebook community?

  • If you are a person living with any type of diabetes or prediabetes.
  • If you are a caretaker of a person with diabetes.
  • If you are not diabetic but have a family history of diabetes, are overweight, have a sedentary lifestyle and want to learn healthy eating and living habits.
  • If you are a female with PCOS.
  • Anyone who wants to understand a healthy lifestyle and diet to reduce the risk of diabetes later in life.

Why should you join this Facebook community?

  1. 100% Doctor verified information
  2. Get your queries answered
  3. Inspire others and get inspired from other people who are managing diabetes well
  4. Learning about diet management, lifestyle changes and yoga will keep you motivated and can help you reduce your pill burden or prevent you from developing complications- managing diabetes not just requires the prescribed medications but with the right diet, exercise and regular monitoring of your sugars you can live a long and fulfilling life.
  5. Learn about emergencies and complications related to diabetes and understand how to prevent and manage them

So what are you waiting for? Join our group of 5K+ members and become a part of the family! Together we can encourage, empower and enable each other to fight diabetes and live a healthy life. 

We do not prescribe medicines or treatments in this community. But will equip you with the right information on lifestyle changes, diet and yoga to manage your diabetes better. Every person is different, the information provided on the page is to help you understand the condition better and should not be considered as a substitute for your doctor’s advice or treatment plan. You should consult your doctor for regular follow-ups and before implementing any major changes in your diet or routine.



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