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The Right Ayurvedic Juices To Level Up Your Immunity!

The Right Ayurvedic Supplements To Level Up Your Immunity! - PharmEasy
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While we fight the catastrophic pandemic, boosting your immunity is the need of the hour. It is more important than ever before. A strong immunity can be the only shield against harmful infection and allergies. But how can you strengthen your immunity and defeat harmful microbes?

Switch to the mind-boggling benefits of Ayurveda to make your immune system healthier. While a full-fledged balanced diet can keep you healthy, sometimes your body needs that extra nutritional boost. The nutritious boost provided by Ayurvedic juices empowers your body to fight against free radicals and prevent any diseases. They enrich your body’s internal environment and make your immune system healthier. 

Indulge in the real essence of Kapiva Amla Juice and Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Juice. Read on to know how both these juices do a wealth of good to your immunity. 

1. Kapiva Amla Juice

Amla, the powerhouse of nutrients is Ayurveda’s most treasured ingredients. Kapiva Amla Juice is a powerhouse of essential nutrients. The Amlas used in this juice are sourced from Pratapgarh – the heartland of Amlas. Made from fresh and ripe Amlas, our Amla juice is unpasteurized, and 100% pure. Moreover, Kapiva Amla juice is cold-pressed to retain essential nutrients. Being a rich source of vitamin C, daily consumption of Amla juice can strengthen your immune system. Enriched with other nutrients like iron and calcium, it can increase your body’s ability to flush out harmful toxins. Amla juice can also increase the total count of white blood cells, enhancing your body’s ability to fight allergies. Owing to its antibacterial properties, it shields your body from harmful bacteria and viruses. The antiviral agents present in Amla juice can help alleviate cold, cough, flu, and also other respiratory disorders. Dilute 20-30ml of Kapiva Amla juice in a glass of water and consume it every morning on an empty stomach.

2. Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Juice

Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Juice is a blend of two most medicinal Ayurvedic herbs – Tulsi and Giloy. Extracted from nutrient-rich fresh Tulsi leaves and Giloy stems, this juice is cold-pressed to retain all essential nutrients. The mixture of Tulsi and Giloy activate the cells that improve the immune response to viral attacks. Neem Giloy, coupled with the power of nutrient-rich Tulsi, work together on inflammatory responses in the body. Consumption of Kapiva Tulsi Giloy Juice regularly keeps inflammations under check, keeping you less susceptible to widespread infections. The Giloy stem used in this juice is known to reduce symptoms of allergies like sneezing, running nose, and nasal congestions. Dilute 30ml of Kapiva Tulsi Giloy juice in 30ml water and consume it twice a day before meals for optimal benefits.

Both these herbal juices by Kapiva boost your immunity and provide an array of health benefits. Say no to unhealthy food choices and embrace the Kapiva herbal juices for better immunity! Natural taste, coupled with strong immunity benefits, Kapiva herbal juices are a healthy infusion like none other! 

Bottom Line

A plant can easily survive if it gets adequate sunlight and water. However, if it gets other natural supplements, it can flourish. Similarly, by making Ayurveda an integral part of your daily life, you can become a healthier version of yourself! Building a rock-solid immunity won’t be a task; instead, it will be a treat!

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