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9 Signs of Autoimmune Disease You Must Know!

Signs of Autoimmune disease
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Our immune system is wondrous because it works so hard and efficiently to protect us from all kinds of allergens, toxins, and intruders. Standing guard against diseases, injuries, harmful foods, infections and allergies, the immune system is the most potent weapon a human body has. But what happens when this weapon turns against us? What are the signs of autoimmune disease?

Autoimmune diseases are maladies of the immune system. Due to incessant inflammation, the immune turns against the person and starts attacking it. They are of different kinds, and they affect various organs. Reasons for developing autoimmune diseases are varied. Genetic factors, environmental factors like diet are all contributors to autoimmune disease. Type I diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease are all examples of autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune diseases can be controlled if you can find an underlying cause. The doctors treat them by prescribing immunosuppressant medicines or anti-inflammatory drugs. These might treat the symptoms but do nothing to address the cause of the disease. So how do you figure out you have an autoimmune disease? Here are some signs of the same.

  1. Fatigue

This is one of the first sign of autoimmune disease. It is extreme and doesn’t have an explanation. You wake up feeling tired, and so the amount of rest or sleep helps.

  1. Joint Pain

Those who suffer from autoimmune diseases suffer from joint pains and other body aches.

  1. Digestion Problems

One of the first systems to take a hit, if you suffer from an autoimmune disease, is the digestive system. Nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating and flatulence are all signs of an autoimmune disease. The loss in nutrition because of digestive problems can lead to loss of energy and vitality.

  1. Mood Changes

Another sign of the autoimmune disease is frequent mood changes. People get into severe depression and start suffering from anxiety. Panic attacks and loss of interest in activities earlier loved are also other signs.

  1. Sleep Disturbances

Sleep disturbances are telltale signs of autoimmune diseases. Many suffer from too much or too less sleep. Insomnia is another problem that autoimmune diseases throw up. Constant trips to the washroom and inability to maintain a comfortable body temperature are the reasons for sleep issues. Also, read about the health benefits of sleep on mind and body.

  1. Weight Loss

People who suffer from autoimmune diseases suffer unexplained weight loss. This could be because most of these diseases cause digestive problems leading to poor absorption of nutrients.

  1. Rashes or Hives

Skin breaking out into hives is another prominent sign of autoimmune disease. Outbreaks too are a primary symptom of many of these diseases.

  1. Foggy Brain

Those who suffer from the autoimmune disease are susceptible to concentration issues. They may suffer from confusion, memory loss, absentmindedness, and forgetfulness. These could be due to lack of sleep. Inflammation in the body would undoubtedly be contributing to these symptoms.

  1. Muscular Weakness

Autoimmune diseases have a knack for attacking the muscles of the body. The person faces muscular weakness, and this might be a contributing factor towards debilitating fatigue.



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