Healthy Eating: 9 Tips To Build A Healthy Meal

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Healthy eating is important. If you are looking to take charge of your health, controlling how much you eat is as important as what you eat. You could be gorging on the healthiest food but if you surpass the amount your body needs you are inviting trouble. As we march towards development, the portions we are served in eating joints are becoming massive. The muffins served in airport lounges, coffee cups in cafes and pools of gravy served in restaurants are insanely larger than what the earlier generations were offered. So, how do you control the amount of food in your plate? Here’s how you can practice healthy eating:

1.Smaller plates

The larger the food plate more will be the girth of your stomach. To instantly reduce your portions, smaller plates and bowls will do the trick.

2. Measure accurately

If your diet requires you to consume no more than a cup of rice, then measure it out and then put it on your plate. The approximation is what derails most diets.

3. From the hob to your plate

Serve yourself food from the stove rather than sitting down and having it at the dining table. This will discourage you to go for second helpings and help you keep a check on your portions.

4. Share the good food

Most people let go of their portion controls when eating out. When you are dining out, ask the servers the portion sizes of the food you are ordering. Ask for smaller quantities else share with your companions.

5. Listen to your body

When you are hungry even ravenously so, your body sends out subtle signals. If you ignore them, you are going to end up overeating. Pay attention to the cues and you will never put more than necessary.

6. Water is your best friend

Having a glass of water half an hour before a meal aids digestion but also helps you control how much food goes on your plate. Many times we misunderstand the body’s thirst as hunger. Having a few sips of water might totally abate your ‘hunger’.

7. Earn your food

If you have to labour for your food, you will naturally out less of it on your plate. So foods that require peeling, shelling or chopping will help you control the amount that you consume.

8. Soup is an appetizer

Having soup as an appetizer will stave off the hunger demon better than anything else. It might seem that you are adding more to your meal but having soup as an entrée will reduce your need to go ballistic on the main course.

9. Check out the food

If you are having food buffet style, take a round of the entire dinner setup before deciding on what to eat. We have a natural tendency to put whatever comes before our eyes whenever we are hungry. A stroll around the table will help you decide to fill your plate only with the items you want to eat.

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