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Protinex Tasty Chocolate Provides 34% Higher Immuno-Boosters That Can Help Build Immunity!

Protinex Tasty Chocolate - The Immunity Booster You Need! - PharmEasy
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The easiest way to ward off most illnesses is to maintain excellent health and strong immunity. Consume Protinex Tasty Chocolate every day to give your health the benefits of Acti Pro 5.

This delicious nutritional drink has nutrients that cannot only help to firm up your immunity but will also aid in providing you with energy and overall good health when consumed as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

 Protinex Tasty Chocolate contains high protein & key micronutrients that help confer the following health benefits –

1. Immunity 

Protinex Tasty Chocolate has high protein & 10 Immuno nutrients that can help build immunity. 

2. Stronger body 

Protinex Tasty Chocolate has high-quality protein that strengthens your body cells, tissues, and muscles. Protein is necessary for cell growth, repair, and maintenance. It also slows down the wear and tear of muscles and helps to speed up healing of wounds. 

3. Weight management

A high-fat and sugar diet not only makes you gain weight but can also trigger serious health disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Protinex Tasty Chocolate has low-fat, zero added sugar and high protein that helps in your weight management goals when combined with adequate exercise and healthy diet.

4. Healthy bones and teeth

Your body needs calcium to maintain strong bones and bone mineral density. Calcium also helps to keep teeth strong. Without enough calcium, your body will extract calcium from your bones and teeth, and this will weaken them. Consume Protinex Tasty Chocolate every day to bridge the gap of this important nutrient from your diet.

5. Support oxygen supply in the body

Iron is an important nutrient and the chief component of haemoglobin, that helps to transfer fresh oxygen to every cell of the body. This can keep your entire body energised, and adequate intake of iron can also help to prevent anaemia. 

Protein & key micronutrients play many roles in your body, and hence it’s important to include them adequately in the diet. Do check the Immuno Nutrient calculator on Protinex website to check whether your daily intake of protein and other immune nutrients is as per the recommendations!  

Consume Protinex Tasty Chocolate every day as it has high in protein and other nutrients that help in maintaining a fit, strong, and energetic body when consumed as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

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