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8 Simple Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss!

By Faraz khan +2 more

Are you trying to lose weight? You may think that cutting calories from your diet and skipping breakfast can be the easiest method to lose weight. However, skipping breakfast can be contraindicated in your weight loss plan as you may feel hungry which leads to overeating.

So, having a healthy breakfast can help you reduce weight by keeping you energized throughout the day and keeping a feeling of fullness. Preparing a healthy breakfast can be tricky and sometimes requires great efforts. Hence, in this article, we will share some ideas for a healthy breakfast.

Different healthy breakfast options

Here are some rules while you searching for ideas for a healthy breakfast:

  • Protein-rich food –

If you are seriously thinking about losing weight then you should add more proteins in your diet than carbohydrates. A high-protein diet suppresses your cravings and gives you a feeling of fullness for a longer time. On the contrary, carbohydrate diets like sugar food can make you feel hungry again and again.

You can add high-protein foods in your diet like eggs, chicken, seafood, lentils, nuts, etc.

  • Focus On a high-fibre Diet –

Fibres are another important constituent in a weight loss plan. It also suppressed your hunger and cravings. The recommended intake of fibres per day is 30-35 grams to shed extra pounds. High-fibre foods like nuts, lentils, fruits, some vegetables like broccoli may help you to achieve your goal.

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  • Limit Refined Sugar – 

Control refined sugar content in your diet is a must if you want to lose weight. Foods with refined sugar only provide calories without providing essential nutrients. By cutting sugar intake from your diet can help you to limit calorie count. You can add various fruits like dates, apple in your diet to suppress sweet cravings.

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  • Low Carbohydrate Diet –

You don’t have to completely cut down carbohydrates from your diet. You can add low carbohydrate foods such as oats, wheat toast to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels under control.

  • Eat With Peace – 

Eating in hurriedness and without attention can lead to overeating. Eating mindfully is very important for your body to regulate your metabolism and excretion process.

Coffee has been shown to help weight loss by increasing the metabolism and enhancing fat breakdown, just make sure not to over-add sugar or milk in coffee as they may add calories negate some of the coffee’s potential health-promoting properties.

Dr. Ashish Bajaj, M.B.B.S., M.D.

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Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss 

  • Cereals –

Not all cereals but whole-grain cereals such as barley, oats are an excellent choice to add in your diet. They are full of proteins, fibres, and low in calories. Add to a skimmed milk in your cereal bowl and your morning breakfast will become even healthier.

  • Oatmeal With Soy Milk or Skimmed Milk – 

Oatmeal is one of the popular diet food across the world. Oatmeal is a whole grain with a lesser amount of calories and carbohydrates. Simply, it is an essential food component if you want to lose weight. Oats are mild in taste so you can have it with whatever you want.

Nowadays, in the market, you can get instant oats that you can microwave in 3 minutes. Before buying any oatmeal from the market always read the ingredients for no added sugar.

You can have oatmeal with skimmed milk or soy milk. Or try oatmeal with a pinch of brown sugar, some raisins, and a little bit of cinnamon. Strawberries with Greek yoghurt and bananas and cut walnuts are other yummy ideas.

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  • Egg Omelet with Veggies – 

Eggs especially egg whites are so nutritious and delicious with low calories. Instantly, you can create a yummy omelette by just whipping two or three egg white and add some veggies like tomato, mushroom with some cheese. You can also just scramble egg white in a bowl with some black paper.

  • Smoothie – 

You can make a simple smoothie for your breakfast and save a lot of money. Put a cup of fresh or frozen fruit into a blender, add a scoop of low-fat Greek yoghurt, and enough skimmed milk to cover the fruit. Blend the mixture and its ready to serve. Bananas, strawberries, mango, and watermelon are good options to try in any combination.

A healthy and balanced breakfast should deliver a mix of protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber and healthy fat to keep you full and fueled up for your dayResearch shows that regular breakfast eaters tend to be leaner and people are more successful at losing weight—and keeping it off—when they eat breakfast

Dr. M.G. Kartheeka, MBBS, MD

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  • Tofu Scramble –

Tofu is made of condensed soy milk. In a night before, press 4-5 tofu and drain all water from it. In a small bowl, combine a little balsamic vinegar, dry oregano, and minced garlic. Pour over tofu and marinate overnight. The next morning, panfry sliced onions and red bell pepper over medium-high heat until softened. Add tofu, crumbling it into bite-sized pieces, and cook till slightly.

  • Plain Yoghurt – 

You can try various flavoured plain Greek yoghurt for breakfast but mind well it should be fat-free and sugar-free.

  • Banana 

Bananas are sweet, high in fibre and come with a host of nutrients making them a perfect alternative to artificially sweetened cereals. Many studies have proven that high-fibre foods (when consumed regularly) help with weight loss. Cutting out sugary, carb-rich foods by replacing them with bananas in the morning can be a great start to a weight reduction diet. Unripe bananas may also have some benefits since they can contribute to reducing belly fat by reducing food consumption. For weight loss breakfast ideas involving bananas, they can be had plain or as part of a fruit smoothie with milk or yoghurt.

  • Green Tea 

Green tea has become a mainstay for people who want to lose weight quickly. While many pills and products falsely claim to help you lose weight quickly, green tea has been studied for its ability to increase metabolic activity. With a higher metabolic rate, your body needs to break down its stores of fat to generate energy, leading to weight loss. Some of the studies have found that green tea extract can in fact result in higher metabolic rates. You may as well add a cup of this brew to your weight loss breakfast routine. Green tea can be enjoyed with a hint of lemon juice or some honey and fresh herbs like ginger, all of which are considered healthy. 

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