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Top Diabetes-Friendly Breakfast Ideas To Consider!

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It becomes more so for diabetics who have to keep the blood sugar levels on an even keel. A wholesome breakfast ensures high energy levels throughout the day. It stops you from binging on calorie-rich junk food mid-morning. Even if you wake up with high sugar levels, do not skip breakfast. These days, foods that have a low glycemic index are a good option. For other days, there are a whole lot of diabetic-friendly alternatives to choose from. Take a look at some of these.


Nothing beats smoothies when it comes to easy-peasy, filling breakfasts. Blend your favourite fruits like banana or strawberries, low-fat yoghurt, some oats with nuts and some ice. For the adventurous, there are whole lots of flavours like ginger and cinnamon that can be added. This is your quickest, healthiest breakfast that can be had on-the-go.


Oats is the superfood for diabetics. Fibre-rich, high in nutritional value and with a low glycemic index, Oats can be eaten boiled with milk and with vegetables. Oats dosas, idlis and pancakes work well with the Indian palate. Eating them regularly has known to decrease insulin resistance in diabetics.

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Eggs are one of the best breakfast options. Rich in protein and other nutrients, they cook quickly and can be made in many avatars. Egg white omelettes with lots of vegetables, scrambled eggs, plain boiled and frittatas are great choices.


Nothing can kick start the day like a bowl of freshly cut fruits. Apples, bananas, citrus, papaya and other fruits can be relished with some chopped nuts. You get your daily dose of fibre, good fats from the nuts and a sweet start to the day without a blood sugar spike- a win-win on all counts. Avoid fruit juices as they lack fibre and are full of carbohydrates.

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The Indian palate cannot do without some carbohydrates. To keep your sugar levels in control, eat idlis made from wheat and Rava, ragi or oats. Have with your favourite chutney. By replacing the rice with wheat and rava you don’t have to worry about your blog sugar levels.


While dosa is considered a light breakfast, you can make yours with oats, ragi or green moong dal to reduce the starch content. Add lots of vegetables as filling and eat with chutneys of your choice.


Who can deny the benefits of a wholesome salad? Add your vegetables of choice like cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, onions and others, add some quinoa or cottage cheese, drizzle with some olive oil, lemon juice, season and gorge on this in the morning for a good, filling meal.


The north Indian plate is used to either parathas or rotis for breakfast. Instead of wheat rotis, try out bajra rotis, Missi roti or ragi rotis as they are healthier. Couple these with a bowl of yoghurt or curry for a wholesome meal.

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