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Does Your Hair Like Being Washed Every Day?

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Washing your hair is a must to keep your hair clean and prevent dandruff. But then how frequently should you wash your hair? Well, that depends on many factors, like your scalp texture, hair type, how oily your hair is and of course, your very own preference!

For some people, washing hair more frequently can cause the hair to become dry, frizzy, and damaged. For others, infrequent washing may make the hair look lifeless and greasy. 

Importance of Washing Hair

Washing the hair is a lot different from washing your body. How is it different? You can’t use soap that you normally use on the body because it is harsh on your hair. Instead, you should use shampoos that are not harsh on your hair.

A light shampoo helps clean debris, dirt, sweat, and odour effectively from the scalp, making your hair much healthier. 

Shampoos also help to get rid of excess oil in your hair. Wondering how? Most shampoos contain chemicals and compounds like surfactants and sulfates, which creates a rich lather to remove oil and surface debris from the scalp and hair – thus making your hair look cleaner and shinier. In fact, if you go several days without using shampoo on hair, the oil tends to build upon your scalp making it look dirty, limp and greasy.


The right way to do it

Should you wash your hair daily? Hair experts recommend against washing hair daily. This is simply because applying too many of these chemical compounds found in a bottle of shampoo will do your hair more harm than good. 

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To Determine the Ideal Frequency of your Hair Wash, Consider These Factors –

 1. Hair Type

Assessing whether the hair is dry or oily can help you determine how frequently to rinse. 

If you have dry hair then you should be washing your hair only once or twice a week. Those who have an oily or greasy scalp will probably need to wash their hair more frequently. 

Oily hair will look its best on the day you wash your hair. Normal hair may look best the day after you wash your hair, while dry hair takes several days after a hair wash to put on its best look.

 2. Hair Texture

How does hair texture effect washing your hair? The texture of your hair affects how quickly sebum will work its way through the length of the hair from your roots. If you have coarse or curly hair, it slows down the spread of sebum, so you may only need to shampoo once a week. 

People with straight, fine hair will likely need to shampoo twice or more in a week. 


To maintain healthy and shiny hair, determine your hair type and texture and then wash accordingly. Also, use a good quality shampoo to ensure your hair is always at its best.

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