World Diabetes Day – Help Your Family Member Defeat Diabetes!

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India is the diabetes capital of the world with over 70 million cases being reported every year. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of awareness about diabetes in the country. World Diabetes Day is an event to make the public aware of the dangers of diabetes.

The International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) has decided that the theme of World Diabetes Day this year will be ‘Family and Diabetes’. The focus is on how one’s family can support and help someone who has been diagnosed with Diabetes manage it better. 

We all know that diabetes is a complicated disorder. It requires time, patience and discipline to defeat the disease. And in such difficult times, isn’t family the best support system? 

Here are 7 ways you can help a loved one manage diabetes better.

 1. Educate Yourself

What is the first step in fighting diabetes? Learning everything about it. It is important to know answers to questions like – What type of diabetes is it? How does it affect a person? What complications can arise? What to eat? What exercises are safe for a diabetic? 

There are many myths surrounding this disorder that you have to brush away. If you are well informed about diabetes, you will be able to guide your loved ones correctly in their path to recovery.

 2. Keep a tab on their blood sugar level

Is your loved one monitoring his blood sugar level? Diabetes patients have to constantly monitor their blood sugar level. You can help them pick a blood sugar test package so that they are aware of their current blood sugar level.

 3. Remind them to take their medicines

People with diabetes may need insulin shots every day. Or they may have to take pills or capsules. Since diabetes treatment is long-term, your family member might forget to take the medicines now and then. But even one missed dose can be dangerous. How can you prevent that? Simple, you can set alarms for them to remind them that it’s time for their medication.


 4. Help them with the injections

Some people feel uncomfortable pushing the needle into their own veins. It’s perfectly natural. In that case, you can learn how to do it and administer the insulin shots to them every day.

 5. Self-testing kits for your loved one

Want an instant blood sugar reading? A blood sugar testing kit can help! These easy to use portable kits are useful if getting a lab test is difficult.

 6. Urge them to eat healthy

Is your loved one fond of sweets? Diabetics should never eat sugary treats. But eliminating them completely from the diet can really upset a person. What can you do? You can use sugar substitutes that are healthier.

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 7. You can exercise together

Who wants to exercise alone? It’s boring. So, you can accompany your loved one during workouts and motivate them to give their best. Losing weight and vigorous physical activity can stabilize blood sugar levels. Read more about the health benefits of exercise. 


The support you give to your family members can help immensely in his fight against diabetes. Help them live an active and healthy life with your support.

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