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10 Health Myths That Men Follow

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Statistics show that women live longer, healthier and have a better quality of life compared to men. Are they doing something different that is tipping the scales in their favor? Let us take a look at ten health mistakes that men make and what can they do to improve them.

  1. Not Visiting the Doctor

Men don’t visit the doctor for the same reason they don’t read instruction manuals or ask for directions. Psychologists explain that men prefer to learn by doing rather than asking for help. Early diagnosis can curb the disease in the nascent stages. The biggest help men can give their health is visiting their doctor whenever they are unwell and for regular medical checkups.

  1. Drinking Away The Problems

More men get involved in binge drinking than women. Women too drink but they are more of social drinkers and don’t hold many stores with binge drinking. Binge drinking leads to a more lax attitude towards safety and a steeper weight gain. Stick to moderate drinking to avoid putting your health at risk.

  1. Avoiding the Sunscreen

Most people avoid wearing the sunscreen, men more so than women. Men spend equal, if not more, amounts of time outdoors so are comparably susceptible to the UV radiations and thus skin cancer. Cover the body appropriately and apply sunscreen before you step out of the house.

  1. Eating Junk food

Research shows that more men than women eat fast food and order takeaways. Replace your junk food meals with simple home cooked fare to stay healthy.

  1. Questionable Bathroom Hygiene

Unfortunately, offensive, as it does sound studies in personal and bathroom hygiene, show that men tend to avoid washing hands more than women. Washing hands can avoid many diseases and infections from spreading. Using soap is an important part of the hand-washing ritual. Every time you return home from out, the washroom or sit down for a meal, lather up the suds and wash your hands.

  1. Smoking

Lighting up the cigarette is taking away years from your life. Smoking increases the odds of having every conceivable disease. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers are all found commonly in those who smoke. Kick the habit with the help of nicotine patches, medications, and your doctor.

  1. Too Much of the Gym

Men tend to go overboard with fitness training leading to more injuries and exhaustion. Keep your workout sessions in check in terms of time and intensity. The body feels the effects of workouts for as long as 72 hours. Giving the body rest after strenuous exercise schedules helps in getting better results out of the workouts.

  1. Stress

Men stress over things as much as women. Due to society’s conditioning, they tend to repress their emotions and their worries that prove detrimental to their health. Meditation, listening to music and learning to not stress about the small stuff helps in the long run.

  1. Repression

Men are programmed since childhood to not display their emotions. This is one of the reasons they find it hard to ask for help or appear vulnerable. Expressing your emotions will help men stay healthy and live longer.

  1. Checking on Self

Many men live in denial and do not check their health parameters on their own. Learn the steps of checking yourself for prostate and testicular cancer. One of the instant giveaways of something wrong with your system is the number of times you urinate. Going too many times could hit at diabetes, prostate cancer, and overactive bladder.

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