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10 Best Lucky Indoor Plants for Your Home!

A collection of indoor plants
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What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you heard the word ‘plant’? Peace, joy, positivity…there so many emotions attached to a plant and they are worth it.

Though our homes are not blessed with tons of square footage, you can still bless your home with various indoor plants. The best part is, all of these indoor plants take less space and maintenance. Greenery within the home will add purity to the air, wealth, health, and lots of love.

Let’s have a look at indoor plants which brings luck to you and keep you healthy –

  1. Lucky Bamboo 

The Asian culture believed that the lucky bamboo plant is a symbol of good fortune for more than 5000 years. In Chinese, lucky bamboo is also called Fu Gwey Zhu which has three symbols signifying Fu -luck and fortune, Gwey -power and honor, Zhu -bamboo. It is considered the savior of bad vibes.

Lucky bamboo brings harmony in the house among the five elements of Feng Shui namely, water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. The arrangement of the plant in the house also very important as it attracts peace, fortune, health, love, and luck. The ideal place to keep this plant in the east or the south-east side for positive vibes and wealth.

It is one of the best choices for indoor plants and has low maintenance.

  1. Money Plant 

It is one of the common indoor plants which you will find in almost every house. Money plant brings to you a good fortune, money, and it harmonizes the human existence with surroundings. It creates positive energy in your home. Money plant grows both in water and in soil.

  1. Pachira Money Tree 

Pachira money plant is usually used to bring good wealth and attract money. There is a famous tale about this tree is a poor farmer from Taiwan who prayed for money and found this plant on his way home. He took it as an omen and made money by selling them, soon after he became very rich. It is believed that this plant brings luck to you.

  1. Snake Plant 

It is one of the low-maintenance type plants which has several names such as mother-in-law’s tongue, viper’s bowstring hemp, etc. This is a plant of good luck and also absorb poisonous gasses from the air and eliminate its toxicity.

Though Feng Shui labeled it as a bad plant when it was placed in a secluded corner of the house, the plant provides positive energy and health.

  1. Swiss Cheese Plant 

Swiss cheese plant scientifically known as Monstera Deliciosa is a trendy plant due to its look. It has long, tapering leaves which enclosed with holes. This plant is known to be effective at reducing pollutants and toxins from the air such as benzene, formaldehyde.

  1. Peace Lily 

This American, fortune plant can cleanse all types of contaminants from the environment. It grows best in shade and needs very little light. This is the perfect choice for your indoor plant gallery.

  1. Potted Orchids 

White flowers of potted orchids are one of the beautiful options for indoor planting. This plant has a magical power for someone who is looking for a life partner. Orchid can bring good luck and love to you. It also releases oxygen at night time providing a good environment for sound sleep.

  1. Rubber Plant 

The rubber plant is a symbol of money and prosperity in Feng Shui. When placed in the home, it provides fortune and good wealth. Another benefit of the rubber plant is being the best air cleanser by removing toxic compounds from the air.

  1. Palm Plant 

Palm plant is very popular when we talk about lucky plants. The beautiful, décor-worthy palm plant attracts good and positive energy. They also help to remove dust from the surroundings.

  1. Jade Plant

Jade plant is known to provide success and prosperity. It also attracts wealth and success and pays off your all hard work.

We all know these plants by their appearances or names but we hardly knew about its effectiveness. So, now by reading this article, you will get some ideas about these plants that bring good health, wealth, fortune to you, and make your mind fresh and calm

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